Inventory of major global asset classes

The “Inventory of Major Asset Categories” section closely follows macroeconomic developments, reviews the price performance of equity, bonds, foreign exchange, and commodities in the world's major markets to help bulls explore more investment opportunities in major asset classes.

08/31 21:11

Focus on Apple's press conference

The Apple press conference, known as the “Spring Festival Gala for the Science and Technology Industry,” will be held on September 13 at 1 a.m. Beijing time. At that time, the new iPhone 15 series and many new products will be presented to everyone.

09/22 17:04

Policies are favorable, and what investment opportunities can we focus

Recently, macroeconomic regulation tools have been intensively strengthened, and policy combinations have been gradually implemented, which is expected to support the steady recovery of China's capital market. Under the recovery trend, let us explore Hong Kong and US stock investment opportunities together.

09/22 15:19

ARM is on the AI train to challenge this year's biggest IPO!

Arm seeks to list on Nasdaq under the code ARM, disclosing that Softbank bought 25% of Arm shares for US$16.1 billion. After listing, Softbank is still the controlling shareholder.

09/20 18:48

Macro political and economic news

Keep up with the important political and economic news.

09/22 11:17

Investment practical information collection

We can learn from the investment experience and practical trading methods to explore the way of stock speculation.

09/29 23:30

Track the latest developments in room temperature superconductivity

Almost every “revelation” in the field of room-temperature superconductivity brings agitation to global capital markets.

08/04 14:27

Quarterly earnings report

Focus on the performance of listed companies, explore the key points of financial reports in advance, and seize all investment opportunities!

09/27 04:20

Track the latest AI trends

More AI black technology, scenario implementation, and commercial value are all here.

09/28 21:51

Mid-year inventory of Hong Kong and US stocks

The first half of 2023 is coming to an end. How is the global market performing, and which types of assets have higher returns?

06/20 17:13

TOP Funds 13F

The 13F position report is an important channel for outsiders to understand the weather vane of Wall Street investment.

08/19 11:04

Direct hit to the 2023 Buffett Shareholders' Meeting

The annual global investment feast - the Berkshire Shareholders' Meeting will arrive as scheduled, so let's look forward to Buffett time this year!

05/07 17:59

Daily rights tracking

“Period” means time and space, and “power” means right. Focus on the options market, follow game trends, and gain insight into investment opportunities.

09/28 16:53

Follow the latest developments from the Federal Reserve

Watch every move the Federal Reserve makes on a daily basis.

06/15 07:05

Tesla's latest news

Follow Tesla news, seize industrial investment opportunities, and focus on the latest topics related to “Musk.”

09/26 22:15

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

After bank depositors in Silicon Valley were able to receive full deposits, the spillover pressure from the liquidity crisis of small to medium banks in the US temporarily eased, but market concerns about financial risks did not go away, and related sentiment spread to European banks.

08/31 07:08

Real estate industry tracking

The central bank and the Bancassurance Regulatory Commission recently jointly issued a notice on how to do a good job in the current financial support for the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, involving a total of 16 specific measures in six aspects.

09/29 15:16

Understanding Treasury Yields and Interest Rates

View the latest bond prices, bond market news and bond rates.

09/29 23:50

Macroeconomic news

Take you to understand the macroeconomic and grasp the trend of the market.

09/30 12:03

Electric Car Trend

Nio: the ultimate form of electric vehicle products will appear in the next three to five years. At the product level, the popularity of intelligent electric vehicles will be faster than expected.

09/29 23:22

Focus on CHK and US stocks

The market of Hong Kong and the United States is in full control!

09/29 22:21

Focus on commodity trends

Goldman Sachs Group points out that commodity markets are struggling to strike a balance between strong demand and slow-changing supply.

09/21 18:34

Who are the big winners of the week in HK and US stocks? These industries are the most profitable.

Take stock of the weekly performance of the Hong Kong US stock market and explore the stocks and industries that have the most profitable effect.

09/28 17:07

Semiconductor industry tracking

It is suggested that attention should be paid to investment opportunities for wafer manufacturing, equipment expansion, and material localization.

09/29 19:16