Accenture and Blue YonderHelp Companies Accelerate Supply Chain Transformationin the Cloud


2020/10/20 12:59  Business Wire

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and Blue Yonder are helping clients across retail, consumer goods and high tech industries, including Essity and Pactiv, outmaneuver uncertainty with intelligent, customer-centric supply chain transformations that capitalize on the benefits of a cloud-first approach.

Accenture research shows more than three-quarters (76%) of supply chain and operations C-suite executives agree that their company will accelerate its digital transformation, including its emphasis on using the cloud. By expanding its alliance with Blue Yonder, Accenture will expand and scale its Supply Chain & Operations practice with new capabilities and skills to meet that demand.

“Companies are under incredible pressure to reimagine and transform their supply chains to be more responsive, efficient, sustainable and resilient to enable purpose-led growth – and they’re prioritizing cloud at the core of their efforts,” said Kris Timmermans, senior managing director and Accenture’s global Supply Chain & Operations lead. “Expanding our alliance with Blue Yonder will provide our joint clients the necessary tools and visibility to actively respond to disruptions in their supply chains, while also reinforcing the cloud-first approach as a key tenet of digital supply chain transformation.”

Working together, Accenture and Blue Yonder have helped a wide range of clients around the world address the most pressing supply chain challenges with cloud-based solutions. For example:Accenture and Blue Yonder collaborated to help Essity, a health and personal care company in Europe and North America, set-up a central transport control tower during the COVID-19 pandemic to gain transparency and increase efficiency. As a result, Essity was able to mitigate the impact on its business due to better decision-making processes that helped the company leapfrog the competition. Transforming the supply chain helped build resilience and provided critical data and analytics in record time.Accenture and Blue Yonder also worked together with industry-leading food service and packaging company Pactiv to deliver true end-to-end supply chain management, from planning through fulfillment to warehouses and transportation. The system and leading-edge approach enabled Pactiv to optimize decision making across the entire supply chain, driving operational efficiencies, strong customer service, and saving tens of millions of dollars per year.

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for real-time supply chain visibility and the ability to proactively plan for, and instantly adapt to, changing circumstances. Together with Accenture, we will drive greater client value with proven methodologies that help companies achieve their visions for resilient supply chains by putting cloud at the center,” said Mark Morgan, executive vice president – Worldwide Commercial Business, Blue Yonder.

Accenture and Blue Yonder will continue to offer advanced supply chain expertise and solutions across the value chain from planning to logistics; providing end-to-end visibility, while also fast-tracking existing client journeys to a more cost-effective and agile cloud architecture. Building on its deep expertise in cloud services, Accenture recently announced the creation of Accenture Cloud First , a new multi-service group of 70,000 cloud professionals, with a $3 billion investment over three years.

Leveraging Accenture’s deep industry and technology experience and its global network of Innovation Hubs, the companies will also jointly develop innovative fit-for-purpose supply chain offerings that leverage Blue Yonder’s cloud-based LuminateTMplatform , which runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud. The companies’ combined strength in artificial intelligence and machine learning will enable the creation of new solutions that help joint clients achieve network-wide visibility and collaboration, automated execution, improved demand and supply planning, optimized inventory management, and enhanced fulfillment.

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About Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder is the world’s leading, end-to-end, digital supply chain platform provider, enabling companies to better predict and pivot to quickly fulfill customer demand. Blue Yonder’s intelligent platform empowers companies to make smarter, faster business and commerce decisions to deliver more growth, profitability and reimagined customer experiences. With Blue Yonder, you can Fulfill your Potential.TMVisit .

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埃森哲(纽约证券交易所股票代码:ACN)和Blue Yonder正在帮助零售、消费品和高科技行业的客户,包括Esthy和Pactiv,通过智能的、以客户为中心的供应链转型来利用云优先方法的优势来应对不确定性。

埃森哲的研究显示,超过四分之三(76%)的供应链和运营高管同意,他们的公司将加快数字化转型,包括强调使用云。通过扩大与Blue Yonder的联盟,埃森哲将以新的能力和技能扩大和扩大其供应链和运营实践,以满足这一需求。

埃森哲(Accenture)高级董事总经理兼全球供应链与运营主管克里斯·蒂默曼斯(Kris Timmermann)表示:“企业面临着难以置信的压力,要求它们重新想象和改造供应链,使其更具响应性、效率、可持续性和弹性,以实现目标导向型增长-他们正将云作为其努力的核心,”埃森哲全球供应链与运营主管克里斯·蒂默曼斯(Kris Timmermans)表示。扩大我们与Blue Yonder的联盟将为我们的联合客户提供必要的工具和可见性,以积极应对供应链中的中断,同时还将加强云优先方法作为数字供应链转型的关键原则。“

埃森哲和Blue Yonder携手合作,通过基于云的解决方案帮助世界各地的众多客户解决了最紧迫的供应链挑战。例如:埃森哲和Blue Yonder合作帮助欧洲和北美的健康和个人护理公司Esthy在新冠肺炎疫情期间建立了一个中央运输控制塔,以获得透明度和提高效率。因此,Esthy能够减轻对其业务的影响,这要归功于帮助公司超越竞争的更好的决策流程。转变供应链有助于建立弹性,并在创纪录的时间内提供关键数据和分析。埃森哲和Blue Yonder还与行业领先的食品服务和包装公司Pactiv合作,提供真正的端到端供应链管理,从计划到履行再到仓库和运输。该系统和领先的方法使Pactiv能够优化整个供应链的决策,提高运营效率,提供强大的客户服务,每年节省数千万美元。

“新冠肺炎疫情突显了对供应链实时可见性的需求,以及主动计划和立即适应不断变化的环境的能力。Blue Yonder全球商业业务执行副总裁Mark Morgan表示:“我们将与埃森哲一起,以成熟的方法推动更大的客户价值,这些方法通过以云为中心,帮助公司实现其弹性供应链的愿景,”蓝色原野(Blue Yonder)全球商业业务执行副总裁马克·摩根(Mark Morgan)表示。

埃森哲和Blue Yonder将继续为从规划到物流的整个价值链提供先进的供应链专业知识和解决方案;提供端到端的可见性,同时快速跟踪现有客户到更具成本效益和更灵活的云架构的旅程。基于其在云服务方面的深厚专业知识,埃森哲最近宣布成立埃森哲云优先(Accenture Cloud First),这是一个由7万名云专业人员组成的新的多服务集团,将在三年内投资30亿美元。

利用埃森哲深厚的行业和技术经验及其全球创新中心网络,两家公司还将联合开发创新的、适合用途的供应链产品,利用Blue Yonder基于云的LlightateTM平台,该平台运行在Microsoft Azure Cloud上。两家公司在人工智能和机器学习方面的联合优势将能够创建新的解决方案,帮助联合客户实现网络范围的可见性和协作、自动化执行、改进的需求和供应规划、优化的库存管理和增强的履约。




Blue Yonder是世界领先的端到端数字供应链平台提供商,使公司能够更好地预测和转移,以快速满足客户需求。Blue Yonder的智能平台使公司能够做出更聪明、更快的商业和商业决策,以提供更多的增长、盈利能力和重塑的客户体验。有了Blue Yonder,您可以实现您的潜力。TMVisit。


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