5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer’s Covid Top 15, Bitcoin

5个关于真金白银的最佳故事:Cramer‘s Covid Top 15,比特币

2020/08/05 18:44  TheStreet

Cramer gives you his buy list as long as Covid continues to rage. Helene Meisler goes to one chart she’s never gone to before; and Tim Collins warns about "dumpster diving" in this market. It's all on Real Money.

Plus, Rev Shark antes up on investing and gambling; and Doug Kass has a lot to say about Robinhood and its merry band of traders.

Here are five must reads from the columnists of Real Money and Real Money Pro, our premium sites for Wall Street professionals and active investors: Jim Cramer: This Is Where to Put Your Cash as Covid Surges

Instead of scratching your head and saying this stock market defies logic, look to the Jim Cramer’s Covid-19 Index.

Here are the Top 15 performing stocks in the index from Cramer and Real Money. Meisler: Psst: Can You Hear that Bitcoin Chatter? Then I've Got a Chart for You

Helene Meisler always found bitcoin fascinating, but that was it. She'd never traded it.

But after a reader asked the "Divine Ms. M" about the cryptocurrency, she decided to take a look.

Here’s what she found on bitcoin’s( GBTC ) charts and indeed it's fascinating. Collins: This Trash-Is-Cash Game Is Heading Toward a Dumpster Fire

The market isn’t supposed to work like this. Some companies, which probably shouldn't be public, are seeing their share prices double, triple, or reach valuations that are mind-boggling.

Tim Collins, Real Money columnist, has seen this before and it doesn’t end well. Rev Shark: Is Investing in Stocks Just a Form of Gambling?

Market participants like to believe they aren't gamblers, but Jim “Rev Shark” DePorre says there's no denying that luck plays a major role in the investment process.

Read Rev Shark's investing wisdom here on Real Money. Kass: Changing Market Structure and the Lack of Discretionary Trading Is Helping to Move Markets Higher

With so much systemic buying and little discretionary buying, speculation and large price moves have become more commonplace, explains Real Money Pro’s Doug Kass in his Daily Diary.

Read how Robinhood is at the core of speculation and why its impact is considerable...and likely short-lived.

Real Money and Real Money Pro are TheStreet’s premium sites for active traders.Click hereto get great columns like these from Jim Cramer, Jim ‘Rev Shark’ DePorre, Doug Kass and other writers each trading day.

只要Covid继续愤怒,Cramer就会给你他的购买清单。海伦·梅斯勒(Helene Meisler)去了一张她以前从未去过的图表;蒂姆·柯林斯(Tim Collins)警告说,这个市场上的“垃圾箱跳水”。全靠真金白银了。


以下是Real Money和Real Money Pro专栏作家必读的五本书,这是我们为华尔街专业人士和活跃投资者提供的优质网站:吉姆·克雷默:这是在Covid激增时放现金的地方


以下是Cramer和Real Money在指数中表现最好的15只股票。梅斯勒:嘘,你能听到比特币的声音吗?那我有张图表给你

海伦·梅斯勒(Helene Meisler)总是觉得比特币很吸引人,但仅此而已。她从来没有交易过它。




Real Money专栏作家蒂姆·柯林斯(Tim Collins)以前见过这种情况,结果并不好。鲨鱼牧师:投资股票只是赌博的一种形式吗?



Real Money Pro的道格·卡斯(Doug Kass)在他的每日日记中解释说,由于系统性购买如此之多,而可自由支配的购买却很少,投机和大幅价格波动已经变得更加常见。


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