Ad industry forms group to create standards for targeted ads


2020/08/05 06:13  路透社
By Sheila Dang
Aug 4 (Reuters) - Major advertisers including Procter & Gamble , Ford Motor Co , and Unilever , and trade associations have formed a partnership to develop industry standards for targeted ads, the group said on Tuesday.
Addressable advertising, a strategy using data to target consumers based on their interests and demographics, has grown with technology from ad giants such as Alphabet Inc and Facebook Inc , but concerns about privacy and the use of consumer data are widespread.
The Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media said any new standards will support "critical" technical functions for targeting ads, while protecting consumer privacy and their experience with media content.
Other partners include major ad agencies such as Publicis , Comcast Corp's NBCUniversal media company and ad tech companies including The Trade Desk .
The group said its principles include consumer privacy as a "foundational pillar" of any new industry standards, and any new solutions being operable across any device, web browser or platform where ads are displayed.

(Reporting by Sheila Dang; Editing by Richard Chang)
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作者:希拉·当(Sheila Dang)
路透8月4日电-宝洁(Procter&Gamble)、福特汽车(Ford Motor Co)和联合利华(Unilever)等主要广告商以及行业协会已结成合作伙伴关系,为定向广告制定行业标准,该集团周二表示。
可寻址广告是一种利用数据根据消费者的兴趣和人口统计数据瞄准消费者的战略,随着Alphabet Inc.和Facebook Inc.等广告巨头的技术发展,但对隐私和消费者数据使用的担忧普遍存在。
负责任可寻址媒体合作组织(Partnership For Responsible Addressible Media)表示,任何新标准都将支持定向广告的“关键”技术功能,同时保护消费者隐私和他们对媒体内容的体验。
其他合作伙伴包括阳狮(Publicis)、康卡斯特(Comcast Corp)旗下的NBC环球(NBC Universal)媒体公司等主要广告代理公司,以及包括Trade Desk在内的广告技术公司。

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