Tradeweb Selects Nasdaq to Provide Market Surveillance Technology


2020/07/31 11:00  GlobeNewswire

NEW YORK, July 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today,Nasdaq(Nasdaq: NDAQ) announced thatTradeweb Markets(Nasdaq: TW), a leading global operator of electronic marketplaces for fixed income products and derivatives, has selected Nasdaq to provide itsMarket Surveillance solutionfor monitoring US Treasuries and Mortgage-Backed Securities trading on Dealerweb, and Swaps trading on DW SEF.

The SaaS-deployed technology will provide Tradeweb with a fully integrated platform with robust and flexible market surveillance workflows to manage cross-market, cross-asset, and multi-venue surveillance, supported by market-leading analysis and visualization tools. The tools will effectively monitor billions of trading messages in real-time or historically in a simplified way by distilling complex information into user-friendly formats.

“As markets digitize at an ever-increasing pace, it is vital that we continue to build and deploy first-class solutions that give traders and investors the surety they need to get trades done,” said Scott Zucker, Chief Risk and Administrative Officer, Tradeweb. “Tradeweb is continuously seeking new and innovative ways to enhance our market infrastructure, and we are excited to incorporate Nasdaq’s technology into our existing surveillance capabilities as part of our ongoing commitment to move market infrastructure forward.”

“Through this partnership, Tradeweb will leverage our cloud based SaaS technology to further advance their surveillance program and strengthen integrity efforts across the fixed income and derivative markets,” said Tony Sio, Head of Market Regulatory Technology, Nasdaq. “We look forward to working together and supporting them in this important endeavor.”

Nasdaq's market technology powers more than 250 of the world's market infrastructure organizations and market participants, including broker-dealers, exchanges, clearinghouses, central securities depositories and regulators, in over 50 countries with end-to-end, mission-critical technology solutions.

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Tradeweb Markets Inc. (Nasdaq: TW) is a leading, global operator of electronic marketplaces for rates, credit, equities and money markets. Founded in 1996, Tradeweb provides access to markets, data and analytics, electronic trading, straight-through-processing and reporting for more than 40 products to clients in the institutional, wholesale and retail markets. Advanced technologies developed by Tradeweb enhance price discovery, order execution and trade workflows while allowing for greater scale and helping to reduce risks in client trading operations. Tradeweb serves approximately 2,500 clients in more than 65 countries. On average, Tradeweb facilitated more than $790 billion in notional value traded per day over the past four fiscal quarters. For more information, please go


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纽约,2020年7月31日(环球通讯社)--今天,纳斯达克(纳斯达克股票代码:NDAQ)宣布,全球领先的固定收益产品和衍生品电子市场运营商Tradeweb Markets(纳斯达克股票代码:TW)已选择纳斯达克提供其市场监控解决方案,用于监控Dealert web上的美国国债和抵押贷款支持证券交易,以及DW SEF上的掉期交易。


Tradeweb首席风险和行政官斯科特·扎克(Scott Zucker)表示:“随着市场数字化的步伐不断加快,我们继续构建和部署一流的解决方案,为交易员和投资者提供完成交易所需的保证,这一点至关重要。”Tradeweb正在不断寻求新的和创新的方式来加强我们的市场基础设施,我们很高兴将纳斯达克的技术纳入我们现有的监控能力,作为我们推动市场基础设施向前发展的持续承诺的一部分。“

纳斯达克市场监管技术主管Tony Sio说:“通过这一合作关系,Tradeweb将利用我们基于云的SaaS技术进一步推进他们的监控计划,并加强固定收益和衍生市场的诚信努力。”我们期待着在这一重要努力中共同努力并支持他们。“




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Tradeweb Markets Inc.纳斯达克市场代码:TW)是利率、信贷、股票和货币市场电子市场的全球领先运营商。Tradeweb成立于1996年,为机构、批发和零售市场的客户提供市场准入、数据和分析、电子交易、直接处理和报告40多种产品。Tradeweb开发的先进技术增强了价格发现、订单执行和交易工作流程,同时允许更大的规模,并有助于降低客户交易操作中的风险。Tradeweb为超过65个国家和地区的约2500名客户提供服务。在过去的四个财季中,Tradeweb平均每天促成超过7900亿美元的名义交易价值。欲了解更多信息,请访问。




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