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2020/07/31 05:30  Dow Jones Newswires

DJ XPO's Earnings Beat Forecasts. It's Good News on the Economy -- Barrons.com

By Al Root

The shipping company XPO Logistics' earnings exceeded reduced expectations -- a common theme this profit-reporting season -- and although things were tough in April, May and June, the overall results look solid.

There are signs an industrial recovery is under way.

For the second quarter, XPO (ticker: XPO) reported a loss of 63 cents a share from $3.5 billion in sales. Wall Street was looking for a 76 cents-per-share loss from $3.4 billion in sales.

Beating earnings is always a good thing, but it is important to remember that the company reported earnings of $1.28 a share from $4.2 billion in sales a year ago. The pandemic has hit many companies hard, including XPO.

Many logistics providers have benefited during the pandemic from the explosion in e-commerce shipping. United Parcel Service (UPS), for instance, crushed second-quarter earnings expectations Thursday. It's shares rose 14.4% after the numbers came out.

XPO benefited from e-commerce trends as well. The company is a large provider of last-mile shipping for large equipment. XPO has been delivering a lot of Peloton Interactive (PTON) bikes lately. But much of XPO's business serves industrial customers. And many U.S. manufacturing facilities across many industries shut during the quarter to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

" Automotive went to zero," explained CEO Bradley Jacobs to Barron's. "But plants opened back up in May." Daily volumes in shipments of less than a truckload, or LTL -- a proxy for industrial activity -- dropped 22% year over year in April. Volumes in July, however, are down only single- digit percentage points.

The second quarter, as a result of recent improvement, should be the trough in economic activity. For the third quarter, XPO management told investors to expect $350 million in Ebitda, or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. That compares with $172 million earned in the second quarter and $333 million in the first quarter of 2020.

Wall Street's financial models point to Ebitda of $323 million, so management's guidance looks good relative to expectations as well.

XPO stock reflects some relatively high expectations. Shares trade for about 23 times estimated 2021 earnings, a premium to the 20 times multiple for the market. What's more, shares are up about 8% year to date, better than comparable returns of the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Shares were up about 2.3%, to $89, in after-hours trading. For the stock to keep gaining from that level, things need to keep getting better.

"The European recovery is ahead of the U.S.," added Jacobs. XPO does a lot of business in Europe as well as the U.S. "Covid-19 started there earlier and [Europe] executed nationwide lock downs, but the North American rebound is the real deal."

The rebound is an external factor benefiting the company, but XPO is taking action internally as well. It named two new executives to the team when it released earnings. Eduardo Pelleissone has been chosen as chief transformation officer and Alex Santoro has been named executive vice president for operations. Both will be tasked with helping XPO take out $700 million to $1 billion in annual costs.

Cost reduction can benefit the company in the long run, regardless of what the economy does.

XPO management will host a conference call for analysts and investors at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Friday morning to discuss the results.

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DJ XPO的收益超过了预测。这对经济是个好消息--Barrons.com

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XPO也受益于电子商务趋势。该公司是大型设备最后一英里运输的大型供应商。XPO最近一直在交付大量的Peloton Interactive(PTON)自行车。但XPO的大部分业务都是为工业客户服务的。许多行业的许多美国制造设施在本季度关闭,以帮助减缓冠状病毒的传播。

首席执行官布拉德利·雅各布斯(Bradley Jacobs)对巴伦百货(Barron‘s)解释说:“汽车市场跌至零“但工厂在5月份重新开张了。”4月份,低于一卡车(LTL)的日出货量同比下降了22%。LTL是工业活动的一个指标。然而,7月份的销量仅下降了个位数的百分比。



XPO存量反映了一些相对较高的预期。股票的市盈率约为2021年预期收益的23倍,高于市场20倍的市盈率。此外,今年到目前为止,股价上涨了约8%,好于标准普尔500指数和道琼斯工业平均指数(Dow Jones Industrial Average)的可比回报率。



反弹是使公司受益的外部因素,但XPO也在内部采取行动。该公司在发布收益时任命了两名新高管加入团队。爱德华多·佩莱松(Eduardo Pelleissone)已被选为首席转型官,亚历克斯·桑托罗(Alex Santoro)已被任命为负责运营的执行副总裁。这两家公司的任务都是帮助XPO每年减少7亿至10亿美元的成本。



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