Coca-Cola to Launch Hard Seltzer Drink


2020/07/31 01:12  Dow Jones Newswires

DJ Coca-Cola to Launch Hard Seltzer Drink

By Jennifer Maloney

Coca-Cola Co. said it plans to launch a boozy version of its Topo Chico sparkling water in the U.S. next year, plunging the soda giant into the market for alcoholic beverages.

With the move, the company joins the fray of beverage giants vying for market share as consumers flock to hard seltzer for its minimal calories and lower alcohol level. Americans spent $3 billion on hard seltzer in U.S. retail stores in the 52 weeks ended July 11, up 241% from a year earlier, according to Bump Williams Consulting Co.

The market is dominated by White Claw, owned by Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. Boston Beer Co. makes Truly, the No. 2 brand. Anheuser Busch InBev NV and other big brewers have also introduced hard seltzer brands, including Bud Light Seltzer and Corona Hard Seltzer.

It has been decades since Coke sold booze in the U.S. The company previously owned a wine business that it sold in 1983. In 2018, Coke introduced a fizzy, lemon-flavored alcoholic drink in Japan called Lemon-Do.

Coke "is committed to exploring new products in dynamic beverage categories, including hard seltzer," the company said in a statement posted on its website. "Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is an experimental drink inspired by Topo Chico sparkling mineral water, which has been popular with many mixologists."

Coke will pilot the alcoholic Topo Chico drink in Latin America later this year, the company said. News of the new product was reported earlier by Beverage Digest, an industry publication.

Alcohol distribution is tightly regulated in the U.S. A Coke spokeswoman said the company hasn't finalized how it will distribute hard seltzer, which falls under the same regulatory category as beer. Some Coke distributors already hold licenses to carry beer.

Under James Quincey, who became chief executive in 2017, Coke has expanded beyond its core soft-drink franchises. It has launched coffee-infused sodas and an energy-drink version of its namesake cola, despite objections from its partner Monster Beverage Corp. It is also pruning some niche products, such as its Odwalla smoothies and juices.

During the pandemic, the company's biggest soda brands -- including Coke, Coke Zero Sugar and Sprite -- have sold well in grocery stores but have taken a hit from a steep drop-off in soda fountain sales.

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詹妮弗·马洛尼(Jennifer Maloney)著

可口可乐公司(Coca-Cola Co.)说,计划明年在美国推出一款烈酒版的Topo Chico汽水,使这家汽水巨头一头扎进酒精饮料市场。

通过此举,该公司加入了饮料巨头争夺市场份额的竞争,因为消费者蜂拥至硬苏打水,以获得最低卡路里和较低的酒精水平。根据Bump Williams Consulting Co的数据,在截至7月11日的52周里,美国人在美国零售店购买硬苏打水的支出为30亿美元,较上年同期增长241%。

市场由麦克的硬柠檬水公司所有的白爪公司主导,第二大品牌波士顿啤酒公司制造真的。Anheuser Busch InBev NV和其他大型啤酒制造商也推出了硬苏打水品牌,包括Bud Light Seltzer和Corona Hard Seltzer。


可口可乐公司在其网站上发布的一份声明中表示,可口可乐“致力于在动态饮料类别中探索新产品,包括硬苏打水”。“TOPO CHICO HARD SETZER是一款实验饮料,灵感来自TOPO CHICO起泡矿泉水,受到许多调酒师的欢迎。”

可口可乐公司表示,该公司将于今年晚些时候在拉丁美洲试行含酒精的Topo Chico饮料。早些时候,行业刊物“饮料文摘”(Beverage Digest)报道了这一新产品的消息。


在2017年成为首席执行官的詹姆斯·昆西(James Quincey)的领导下,可口可乐已经超越了其核心的软饮料特许经营权。该公司不顾合作伙伴Monster Beverage Corp.的反对,推出了注入咖啡的苏打水和同名可乐的能量饮料版本。该公司还在削减一些利基产品,如Odwalla冰沙和果汁。







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