P&G Has Room for Productivity Gains -- Market Talk


2020/07/30 22:11  Dow Jones Newswires

DJ P&G Has Room for Productivity Gains -- Market Talk

1011 ET - Procter & Gamble CEO David Taylor said operating in the pandemic has demonstrated that the company had room to improve productivity even after a major restructuring. Taylor, on a call with analysts, illustrated the point by noting that some factories were at times able to operate at 90% capacity even with staffing levels cut in half. "There's more there," Taylor said. P&G finance chief Jon Moeller said the company has operated effectively despite spending almost nothing on travel and entertainment. He said completely eliminating those costs isn't the answer, "but the right long-term answer is not what we've been doing previously." (sharon.terlep@wsj.com)

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July 30, 2020 10:11 ET (14:11 GMT)

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1011ET-宝洁(Procter&Gamble)首席执行官大卫·泰勒(David Taylor)表示,在大流行中运营表明,即使在进行了重大重组后,该公司仍有提高生产率的空间。泰勒在与分析师的电话会议上举例说明了这一点,他指出,一些工厂有时能够以90%的产能运营,即使员工数量减少了一半。“还有更多,”泰勒说。宝洁首席财务官乔恩·默勒(Jon Moeller)表示,尽管在旅行和娱乐方面几乎没有支出,但公司的运营效率很高。他说,完全消除这些成本不是答案,“但正确的长期答案不是我们以前一直在做的事情。”(sharon.terlep@wsj.com)





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