Moderna and Peloton Make the Grade: The Week in Analysts' Reports


2020/07/24 14:50  TheStreet

Stock analysts were busy this week as they issued reports on such companies as Kohl's( KSS ) - Get Report, Moderna( MRNA ) - Get Report, and Peloton( PTON ) - Get Report. Downgrades

Department-store chain Kohl's( KSS ) - Get Reportwas downgraded to sell from neutral by a UBS analyst who says the market does not fully appreciate how much the coronavirus will permanently disrupt the retail landscape.

Analyst Jay Sole, who cut his price target for Kohl's to $14 from $17.50, said in a note to clients that "covid-19 is accelerating the shift to online shopping and UBS Evidence Lab data suggests the effect will persist after the pandemic ends."

Drugmaker Moderna( MRNA ) - Get Reportwas downgraded to neutral from overweight by analysts at J.P. Morgan over what the investment bank sees as a ripe valuation based on the stock's current price levels.

Analyst Cory Kasimov raised his one-year price target to $89 from $60 for Moderna amid what he expects to be longer-term gains for the company's stock. Price Target Changes

Amazon( AMZN ) - Get Report, eBay( EBAY ) - Get Report, and Etsy( ETSY ) - Get Reportall saw their price targets raised by Jefferies. Amazon's price target was raised to $3,800 from $3,100 while eBay's target was raised to $58 from $52 and Etsy's was increased to $125 from $110.

Home-workout-technology company Peloton's( PTON ) - Get Reporthad its price target raised by Goldman Sachs to a Wall-Street-high $84 a share from $66.

Goldman's note says the subscriber growth is not simply a pull-forward of potential subscribers due to Peloton's "relatively low penetration of the fitness market."

Instead, the New York company is "increasing the consumer value proposition for both Peloton products and the broader digital ecosystem."

Boston Beer's( SAM ) - Get Reportprice target was jumped to $825 from $650 at Cowen, where analyst Vivien Azer cited the brewer's better-than-expected earnings report. Azer said the brewer of Sam Adams remains the firm's top small-to-mid-cap investment idea.

Best Buy( BBY ) - Get Reportwas the subject of multiple bullish analyst notes after the electronics retailer reported strong quarter-to-date online sales.

Wedbush kept its neutral rating on the stock, but raised Best Buy's price target to $95 from $75 per share.

Analysts at Telsey kept Best Buy's outperform rating while raising its price target to $105 from $95 per share, while analysts at Guggenheim maintained their buy rating and $100 price target.

本周,股票分析师们忙得不可开交,他们发布了关于科尔公司(Kohl‘s)-GET Report、现代(Modelna)-Get Report和佩洛顿(Peloton)-Get Report等公司的报告。降级

一位瑞银分析师将百货商店连锁店Kohl‘s(KSS)-Get Report的评级从中性下调至卖出,该分析师称,市场没有完全意识到冠状病毒将在多大程度上永久扰乱零售业格局。

分析师杰伊·索尔(Jay Sole)将科尔百货的目标价从17.5美元下调至14美元,他在给客户的一份报告中表示,“新冠肺炎正在加速转向网购,瑞银证据实验室的数据显示,疫情结束后,这种影响将持续下去。”

制药商Modern na(MRNA)-Get Report被摩根大通的分析师从增持下调至中性,因该投行认为基于该股当前价格水平的估值已经成熟。

分析师科里·卡西莫夫(Cory Kasimov)将Modern na的一年目标价从60美元上调至89美元,他预计该公司股票将获得较长期收益。目标价格更改

亚马逊(Amazon)-Get Report、易趣(EBay)-Get Report和Etsy-Get Report都看到杰富瑞(Jefferies)上调了自己的目标价。亚马逊的目标价从3100美元上调至3800美元,eBay的目标价从52美元上调至58美元,Etsy的目标价从110美元上调至125美元。

据报道,高盛(Goldman Sachs)将家庭健身科技公司peloton‘s的目标股价从每股66美元上调至华尔街最高的84美元。



波士顿啤酒(Boston Beer)-Get ReportPrice的目标价从考恩的650美元跃升至825美元,分析师费雯艾泽(Vivien Azer)引用了这家啤酒商好于预期的收益报告。Azer表示,山姆·亚当斯(Sam Adams)的啤酒酿造商仍然是该公司中小盘股投资的首选。

百思买(Best Buy)-Get Report是多位看涨分析师报告的主题,此前这家电子产品零售商公布了强劲的季度至今在线销售。




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