BNY Mellon CFO Leaves for Wells Fargo

纽约梅隆银行CFO离职加盟富国银行(Wells Fargo)

2020/07/21 21:10  Dow Jones Newswires

DJ BNY Mellon CFO Leaves for Wells Fargo

By Dave Sebastian

Bank of New York Mellon Corp. Chief Financial Officer Mike Santomassimo has left the company to serve in the same position at Wells Fargo & Co. in the fall, joining his former boss who had taken up a position there.

Mr. Santomassimo will succeed John Shrewsberry, who has decided to retire. Mr. Shrewsberry will continue as finance chief until Mr. Santomassimo joins the company, and will assist with the transition, Wells Fargo said Tuesday.

Mr. Santomassimo will report to Chief Executive Charlie Scharf, who joined the company from BNY Mellon last year. Mr. Scharf is the first outsider to run Wells Fargo in decades and the fourth person to lead the bank since a 2016 fake-account scandal left its image in tatters.

Mr. Santomassimo became BNY Mellon's CFO in 2018. He was previously finance chief for BNY Mellon's investment services businesses, and spent 11 years at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in finance leadership roles.

Succeeding Mr. Santomassimo at BNY Mellon is Emily Portney, BNY Mellon said. She served as finance chief for Barclays International and spent 22 years at JPMorgan Chase, where she was head of clearing and collateral management, among other roles.

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July 21, 2020 09:10 ET (13:10 GMT)

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戴夫·塞巴斯蒂安(Dave Sebastian)

纽约梅隆银行(Bank of New York Mellon Corp.)首席财务长桑托马西莫(Mike Santomassimo)已于今年秋天离开公司,前往富国银行(Wells Fargo&Co.)担任同样的职位,加入了他在富国银行任职的前老板的行列。

桑托马西莫先生将接替已决定退休的约翰·什鲁斯伯里。富国银行(Wells Fargo)周二说,Shrewsberry将继续担任首席财务官,直到桑托马西莫加入公司,并将协助过渡。

桑托马西莫将向首席执行长沙尔夫(Charlie Scharf)汇报工作,沙尔夫去年从纽约梅隆银行(BNY Mellon)加盟该公司。沙尔夫是几十年来第一位执掌富国银行(Wells Fargo)的外部人士,也是自2016年假账户丑闻导致富国银行形象崩溃以来第四位执掌该行的人。

桑托马西莫于2018年成为纽约梅隆银行的首席财务官。他曾担任纽约梅隆银行(BNY Mellon)投资服务业务的首席财务官,并在摩根大通(JPMorgan Chase&Co.)担任过11年的财务领导职务。

纽约梅隆银行说,接替桑托马西莫在纽约梅隆银行工作的是埃米莉·波特尼(Emily Portney)。她曾担任巴克莱国际(Barclays International)首席财务官,并在摩根大通(JPMorgan Chase)工作了22年,在那里她担任过清算和抵押品管理主管等职务。

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