Amazon, eBay and Etsy Price Targets Raised in Jefferies Note


2020/07/20 13:48  TheStreet

Three e-Commerce companies received a bullish call in a Jefferies note Monday with the firm raising the price targets of Amazon( AMZN ) - Get Report, EBAY( EBAY ) - Get Reportand Etsy( ETSY ) - Get Report.

Amazon's price target was raised to $3,800 from $3,100 while eBay's price target was raised to $58 from $52 and Etsy was increased to $125 from $110.

"Our analysis points to continued elevated top-line growth for e-commerce through June and into July, supporting our view that behavioral changes brought about by the pandemic has permanently increased online consumption," said analyst Brent Thill.

Jefferies is most bullish on Amazon and Etsy, as those two companies "are best positioned to benefit over the long-term from behavioral changes resulting from the pandemic."

In a separate note, an analyst at Goldman Sachs raised Amazon's price target to $3,800 from $3,000, EBAY was raised to $56 from $49 and Wayfair W.

"We expect more medium- and long-term outperformance to come from those companies with models that will benefit beyond the immediate crisis in the form of accelerated network effects, weakened competitive sets, and scale benefits to profitability," Goldman analyst Heath Terry wrote.

Goldman is most optimistic about stocks like Amazon, Google( GOOGL ) - Get Report, Paypal( PYPL ) - Get Report, Peloton( PTON ) - Get Report, Snap Inc( SNAP ) - Get Reportand Twitter( TWTR ) - Get Reportas consumer behavior continues to migrate online amid the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

"Given increased digital adoption over the last couple of months, the convenience offered by these platforms amid the pandemic, and a large number of retailer store closures & bankruptcies, the shift to online could remain elevated over the coming quarters," Terry wrote.

Amazon shares were up 2% in early trading Monday while eBay rose 0.7% and Etsy climbed 1.6%.

周一,三家电子商务公司在杰富瑞(Jefferies)的一份报告中接到看涨电话,该公司上调了亚马逊(Amazon)-Get Report、eBay-Get Report和Etsy-Get Report的目标价。


分析师布伦特·蒂尔(Brent Thill)表示:“我们的分析指出,从6月到7月,电子商务的营收增长持续高企,这支持了我们的观点,即大流行带来的行为变化永久性地增加了在线消费。”


在另一份报告中,高盛(Goldman Sachs)的一位分析师将亚马逊的目标价从3000美元上调至3800美元,将eBay的目标价从49美元上调至56美元,将Wayfair W.

高盛分析师Heath Terry写道:“我们预计,更多中长期的优异表现将来自那些拥有超越眼前危机的模式的公司,这些模式将以加速的网络效应、减弱的竞争集和盈利能力的规模效益的形式受益.”

高盛对亚马逊、谷歌(Google)-Get Report,贝宝(Paypal)-Get Report,Paypal-Get Report,Peloton-Get Report,Snap Inc-Get Report和Twitter-Get Report等股票最为乐观,因为在冠状病毒大流行的封锁期间,消费者行为继续迁移到网上。




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