Walmart to mandate customers across U.S. stores wear masks


2020/07/15 23:15  路透社
July 15 (Reuters) - Shoppers at Walmart Inc stores will have to wear face coverings, the world's largest retailer said on Wednesday, mandating what is widely seen as an effective measure to control the spread of the new coronavirus.
   As coronavirus infections spike in many states across the country, face masks have become the leading recommendation from health experts and government officials looking to control the pandemic, while reopening the economy.
   Walmart said about 65% of its over 5,000 U.S. stores, including its wholesale Sam's Club outlets, are located in areas where there is already some form of government mandate on face coverings. Its new policy will apply to all stores starting Monday.
   Best Buy Co Inc also requires its customers to wear face coverings starting Wednesday, while AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc said in June its guests would have to wear face masks at its U.S. movie theaters, reversing a previous policy that had prompted harsh criticism.
   Walmart said employees stationed at the entrance of its own and Sam's Club stores will remind customers of its new policy.  

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路透7月15日电-全球最大的零售商沃尔玛(Walmart Inc)周三表示,门店的购物者将不得不戴上面罩,这项措施被广泛视为控制新型冠状病毒传播的有效措施。
沃尔玛表示,其在美国的5000多家门店中,包括其批发山姆俱乐部(Sam‘s Club)门店,约有65%位于已经有某种形式的政府强制要求使用面罩的地区。从周一开始,其新政策将适用于所有商店。
百思买(Best Buy Co Inc)也要求其客户从周三开始佩戴面罩,而AMC娱乐控股公司(AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc)在6月份表示,其客人在美国电影院将不得不戴口罩,扭转了之前招致严厉批评的政策。

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