Accenture Ranked #1 in HFS Report for Salesforce Services 2020


2020/06/29 11:59  Business Wire

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has been ranked #1 in the “ HFS Top 10 for Salesforce Services 2020 ” report, ahead of all 10 competitors assessed. The report considered planning, implementation, and management services for Salesforce solutions globally.

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Accenture positioned #1 in HFS report for Salesforce services 2020 (Photo: Business Wire)

In addition to earning the top position overall, the report also rated Accenture #1 in innovation capability and #1 in ability to execute, leading in eight of the nine categories evaluated.

“Accenture is a strong leader in the Salesforce services market,” said Khalda De Souza, research director at HFS Research, and author of the HFS Salesforce Services Top 10 report. “This is a highly competitive market, but Accenture excels in execution and innovation. It has the biggest pool of certified consultants, and delivers a strong breadth and depth of Salesforce services with a focus on continuous innovation. Moreover, clients commend Accenture on its true partnership relationship.”

Accenture strengths cited in the report include:Breadth of services and market experience: “Accenture has an intense focus on training, re-skilling, and upskilling Salesforce consultants. Its full value chain coverage of offerings is strengthened by investment in partnership and acquisitions…Its digital arm, Accenture Interactive, has acquired more than 30 digital marketing agencies around the world, including MXM in 2018. Accenture has the biggest Salesforce practice and number of Salesforce certified consultants in this research. Clients highlight that accessibility to the strong resources is a big strength for Accenture. One client said that Accenture was ‘the best we have encountered or could hope for’ to support a global deployment.”Depth of services: “Accenture’s Salesforce Business Group continues to invest in developing new solutions, including industry and horizontal Salesforce assets. Examples include its myConcerto digital platform to create a business case and roadmap for Salesforce clients.”Business transformation strength: “Accenture’s Salesforce services methodologies promote interaction between IT, the business, and the service provider. This is supported by more than 200 tools and accelerators, including organizational change management services. Accenture’s Living Business strategy adapts to customer's continually evolving needs.”Continual innovation focus: “In 2018, Accenture launched a new Innovation Center for Salesforce in its San Francisco office, located in Salesforce Tower. This highlights the strength of Accenture as a leading Salesforce partner.”Partnership relationship: “Clients commend Accenture on its true partnership relationship. One client said that Accenture was the ‘primary contributor to our success.’”

Yusuf Tayob, senior managing director, Accenture Salesforce Business Group, said, “Our relentless commitment to designing and implementing experiences that deliver data-driven results using Salesforce solutions and our obsession with industry-led innovation is reflected by our top placement in this HFS report. With the world’s largest Salesforce practice, we’re continually investing in our people and skills to help our clients solve their most complex business problems.”

Accenture has completed over 1,400 Salesforce implementations for more than 1,100 global enterprises across all industries. With more than 18,500 Salesforce-skilled professionals, Accenture is certified in all Salesforce industries and clouds. For more information on the Accenture and Salesforce relationship, visit .

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Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services in strategy and consulting, interactive, technology and operations, with digital capabilities across all of these services. We combine unmatched experience and specialized capabilities across more than 40 industries — powered by the world’s largest network of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operations centers. With 513,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture brings continuous innovation to help clients improve their performance and create lasting value across their enterprises. Visit us at

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埃森哲在2020年Salesforce服务HFS报告中排名第一(图片来源:Business Wire)


“埃森哲是Salesforce服务市场的强大领导者,”HFS Research的研究总监、HFS Salesforce Services Top 10报告的作者Khalda de Souza说。“这是一个竞争激烈的市场,但埃森哲在执行和创新方面出类拔萃。它拥有最多的认证顾问,并提供专注于持续创新的强大的Salesforce服务的广度和深度。此外,客户对埃森哲真正的合作伙伴关系表示赞赏。“

埃森哲在报告中提到的优势包括:广泛的服务和市场经验:“埃森哲非常注重培训、重新掌握技能和提高Salesforce顾问的技能。其产品的全价值链覆盖范围通过对合作伙伴关系和收购…的投资而得到加强其数字部门埃森哲互动(Accenture Interactive)已在全球收购了30多家数字营销机构,其中包括2018年的MXM。埃森哲在这项研究中拥有最多的Salesforce业务和数量最多的Salesforce认证顾问。客户强调,获得强大资源是埃森哲的一大优势。一位客户说,埃森哲在支持全球部署方面是‘我们遇到的或所能希望的最好的’。“服务深度:”埃森哲的Salesforce业务集团继续投资开发新的解决方案,包括行业和横向Salesforce资产。例如,其为Salesforce客户创建业务案例和路线图的myConcerto数字平台。“业务转型优势:”埃森哲的Salesforce服务方法论促进IT、业务和服务提供商之间的互动。这得到了200多种工具和加速器的支持,其中包括组织变革管理服务。埃森哲的Living Business战略适应了客户不断发展的需求。“持续创新聚焦:”2018年,埃森哲在位于Salesforce Tower的旧金山办事处推出了新的Salesforce创新中心。这凸显了埃森哲作为Salesforce领先合作伙伴的实力。“合作关系:”客户对埃森哲的真正合作关系赞不绝口。一位客户说埃森哲是‘我们成功的主要贡献者’。“

埃森哲Salesforce业务部高级董事总经理Yusuf Tayob表示:“我们坚持不懈地致力于设计和实施使用Salesforce解决方案提供数据驱动结果的体验,我们对行业引领的创新的痴迷体现在我们在这份HFS报告中的榜首位置。凭借世界上最大的Salesforce业务,我们不断对我们的人员和技能进行投资,以帮助我们的客户解决他们最复杂的业务问题。“







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