'We’re faced with decisions that I would call bad or worse': JetBlue Chairman on airlines


2020/04/21 15:39  Yahoo Finance Video

The coronavirus hit the airline industry hard, as a number of airlines seek government aid. JetBlue Chairman and 'Entrepreneurial Leadership' author, Joel Peterson joins Yahoo Finance’s On The Move to discuss the state of the airlines and the pace for recovery.

随着一些航空公司寻求政府援助,冠状病毒对航空业的打击很大。捷蓝航空(JetBlue)董事长、“企业家领导力”作者乔尔·彼得森(Joel Peterson)加入雅虎金融(YahooFinance)的行列,讨论航空公司的状况和复苏的步伐。


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