Covetrus Launches New Platform Application to Drive Proactive Prescription Management


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Press Release: Covetrus Launches New Platform Application to Drive Proactive Prescription Management

Covetrus Launches New Platform Application to Drive Proactive Prescription Management

Covetrus Script Assist helps veterinarians enhance patient compliance

PORTLAND, Maine--(BUSINESS WIRE)--January 16, 2020--

Covetrus(TM) (NASDAQ: CVET), a global leader in animal-health technology and services, today announced the availability of Covetrus Script Assist, a new and more convenient way for veterinarians to leverage practice management system information to more proactively prescribe preventative medications for patients with past or upcoming appointments.

Covetrus Script Assist leverages machine learning and practice management records to quickly identify where gaps in medical care reside, particularly in areas like preventative medications. Once a prescription is "created," the veterinarian or delegate will have minimal steps in order to get a prescription to the client for fulfillment on their storefront.

"Veterinarians continue to face challenges balancing the on-demand needs of today's consumer with the focus on delivering outstanding clinical care," said Georgia Wraight, executive vice present and president, Covetrus Global Technology Solutions. "Covetrus Script Assist is a great addition to our proactive prescription management capabilities and will be instrumental in helping veterinarians drive better clinical outcomes."

Signature features of Covetrus Script Assist include:

-- Systematic prescribing of preventatives - Veterinarians can proactively
prescribe preventatives for patients with past or upcoming appointments
that have not purchased any product within the last 18 months.

-- Reduced steps for issuing prescriptions - Once a proactive prescription
has been "created" the veterinarian or delegate will have just a few
steps in order to get a prescription to the client for fulfillment on
their storefront.

-- More informed compliance monitoring - The ability to quickly prescribe
preventatives will drive practices closer to compliance and keep their
patients healthy.

"Script Assist has simplified our prescribing process and improved our workflow," said Lenore Corazza, CCFP, practice manager, Lake Austin Blvd Animal Hospital. "Setting up patients with automatic renewals leads to improved medication adherence. Covetrus is helping us to better communicate and strengthen the trust and confidence our clients have in us."

All Covetrus prescription management customers have access to the Script Assist application and may opt-in to use it. For those interested in learning more about Covetrus Script Assist, visit Covetrus will demo Script Assist at the annual VMX Veterinary Meeting & Expo from January 18-22 at booth #1101.

About Covetrus

Covetrus is a global animal-health technology and services company dedicated to empowering veterinary practice partners to drive improved health and financial outcomes. We are bringing together products, services, and technology into a single platform that connects our customers to the solutions and insights they need to work best. Our passion for the well-being of animals and those who care for them drives us to advance the world of veterinary medicine. Covetrus is headquartered in Portland, Maine, with more than 5,500 employees, serving over 100,000 customers around the globe. For more information about Covetrus visit

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Covetrus全球技术解决方案(Covetrus Global Technology Solutions)执行副总裁佐治亚·沃伊特(GeorgiaWraight)说:“兽医们继续面临着挑战,既要平衡当今消费者的需求,又要注重提供出色的临床护理。”“Covetrus脚本辅助是我们积极主动的处方药管理能力的一个很好的补充,它将有助于兽医推动更好的临床结果。”





“脚本辅助简化了我们的处方过程,改进了我们的工作流程,”LakeAustinBlvd动物医院的实践经理Lenore Corazza说。“让病人自动更新可以改善药物的依从性。Covetrus正在帮助我们更好地沟通,增强客户对我们的信任和信心。”







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