谷歌允许员工申请永久远程办公 薪酬按当地费率调整

Google allows employees to apply for permanent telecommuting pay adjusted according to local rates

新浪科技 ·  06/23/2021 06:47

In the early morning of June 23, Beijing time, Sina Technology News reported this Tuesday,GoogleA tool has been introduced that allows employees to request a change of office location or apply to become a permanent remote worker. Currently, companies all over the world are watching the post-pandemic work environment and trying to figure out how to solve the logistical problems of managing a large workforce.

In May of this year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) announced plans to make 20% of the company's employees permanently remote work. Google said that another 20% of employees can choose to work outside of Google's office if they want to. The remaining 60% of employees, on the other hand, have to work a few days a week in their regular office.

If Google employees request a move to a new office location, their compensation will be adjusted according to local rates. For many employees currently working in San Francisco or New York, if they move to a smaller market, this could mean a percentage drop in revenue. The new software, called the “Work Location Tool (Work Location Tool),” will show employees the salary situation that may have changed due to a change in place of work

A Google spokeswoman said that the company will pay the highest level of employees in the local market, and that employee rights will not change as a result of a change in location. She didn't answer other questions about pay reduction policies or how transfers would affect employee bonuses.

The spokeswoman said in a statement: “After we proposed our new hybrid workplace model, more employees began to consider where they live and how they work. To better provide employees with the information they need to explore options, we've developed a new tool that allows employees to request a change in place of work or work remotely.”

Currently, the new tool highlights several factors Google needs to consider when moving to a hybrid work model. With Google's attempt to require employees to return to the office after a year of telecommuting, office flexibility has become a key issue today. Some companies, such as Reddit, have announced that if employees choose to move out of expensive areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City, they won't adjust employee pay.

Google was one of the first major companies to allow its employees to work from home during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Google claims that it will not require employees to return to the office for any reason until September of this year.

Meanwhile, other tech companies are also reconsidering what office conditions will look like after the pandemic.FacebookThe company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last year that the social networking giant will allow some employees to work from home permanently. Zuckerberg said that within the next 5 to 10 years, about half of Facebook employees will be able to choose to work remotely.TwitterA similar statement was made, and the company's CEO Jack Dorsey also extended this policy to his other company, mobile payments company Square.

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