Most semiconductor concept stocks closed higher. Nvidia doubled and ETFs rose about 31% this week, Qualcomm rose more than 8.5% this week, and ultra-microcomputers fell less than 0.4% this week

Zhitong Finance ·  May 25 04:45
Wolfspeed closed up 5.38%, and Nvidia doubled its ETF up 5.02%, rising 30.8% this week. The previous four weeks were up 30.62%, 1.78%, 1.96%, and 5.49%, while Nvidia closed up 2.57%. Ultramicrocomputers rose 4.31%, and this week's cumulative decline narrowed to 0.45%. Qualcomm closed up 4.26%, reaching an all-time high of $210.36. This week's cumulative increase was 8.51%, continuing the previous four-week trend of 5.09%, 8.44%, 1.36%, and 6.47%. AMD closed up 3.7%, and Micron Technology rose 2.55%, rising 3.35% this week. The previous four weeks were up 7.56%, down 0.12%, 5.7%, and 3.34%.

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