新消费日报 | 上海迪士尼将启用六级票价结构;日本罗森退市不影响在华经营;茅台起诉多家酒企侵权索赔50万……

New Consumer Daily | Shanghai Disney will use a six-tier fare structure; Japan's Lawson delisting will not affect operations in China; Maotai will sue a number of wine companies for 500,000 infringement claims... ·  May 25 00:01

New Consumer Daily, May 25. The main contents of today's new consumer daily include: the State Council reviewed and approved “Opinions on Expanding Cross-border E-commerce Exports and Promoting Overseas Warehouse Construction”; Jiangxi Automobile's “trade-in” subsidy of 10,000 yuan; and Hema's GMV for the 2024 fiscal year.

New Consumer Daily, May 25. The main contents of today's new consumer daily include: the State Council reviewed and approved “Opinions on Expanding Cross-border E-commerce Exports and Promoting Overseas Warehouse Construction”; Jiangxi Automobile's “trade-in” subsidy of 10,000 yuan; and Hema's GMV for the 2024 fiscal year.

Industry highlights

Lucky Coffee Announces Board Changes

Recently, Lucky Coffee issued an announcement stating that Cha Yang has informed the board of directors that he chose not to be re-elected as a director of the company due to personal reasons, but has agreed to continue as the company's external strategic advisor. In addition, other board members have been re-elected as directors by the board of directors for a term of two years. As a result of these changes, Lucky Coffee's board of directors will be composed of 9 members. According to data, Cha Yang is an independent director of Lucky, focusing on corporate finance and corporate governance research and development; he also works as a venture partner for many venture capital firms, focusing on early-stage technology startups.

Weilong apologizes for konjac's lack of weight

According to recent media reports, a consumer weighed two packs of Weilong konjac. The actual weight was 12.6 grams and 8.9 grams respectively, none of which reached the 15 grams indicated on the package. In response, Weilong apologized to consumers through two consecutive announcements on its official Douyin account. The company got in touch with the consumer and properly resolved it in accordance with relevant regulations. At the same time, it immediately carried out internal self-inspection work such as product production and quality inspection.

Strive to guide and promote the upgrading of a number of facilities and equipment in the national culture and tourism sector by 2027

Six departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, issued the “Implementation Plan to Promote Equipment Renewal in the Field of Culture and Tourism”, which insists on coordinated efforts in the industrial sector, mainly relies on the market to provide diversified supply; for the public service sector, policy and financial support is increased. Adhere to the simultaneous improvement of equipment levels and service levels, coordinate equipment updates, institutional mechanism improvements, and investment in supporting resources, so that the public can feel the results of equipment updates. We insist on doing our best and doing what we can, giving priority to replacing outdated equipment, strictly preventing debt risks, and ensuring sustainable application. Strive to guide and promote the upgrading of a number of facilities and equipment in the national culture and tourism sector by 2027, maintain a continuous and steady increase in the scale of related investment, comprehensively improve service quality, and promote high-quality development of culture and tourism.

The overall turnover of new merchants participating in 618 on Tmall for the first time increased by 223%

Since Tmall 618 went on sale on May 20, in 3 days, 200 new merchants sold over 1 million yuan, and the overall sales of new merchants surged 223% year on year.

Shanghai Disney will use a six-tier fare structure, and both the basic and maximum ticket prices will remain the same

On May 24, Shanghai Disney Resort issued a notice on its official website stating that Shanghai Disneyland will launch a new fare structure on November 24, 2024.

According to the plan, starting from November 24, 2024, Shanghai Disneyland tickets at Shanghai Disney Resort will add two levels of ticket price to the current four-level ticket structure, thereby adjusting to a six-level ticket structure. In the new six-tier fare structure, the basic fare and maximum ticket price remain the same, and are still 475 yuan and 799 yuan, respectively.

Suning Tesco will launch more than 20 major stores during the 618 period

Recently, on May 23, Suning Tesco held the 2024 ice washing industry development white paper and the launch ceremony of Suning Tesco's 618 “10,000 People Grab Ice Washing”. Lu Yao, vice president of Suning Tesco Group, revealed that during the 618 period, Suning Tesco will land in more than 20 Suning Yijia Max and Suning Tesco Pro stores in more than 10 cities including Chongqing, Hefei, and Wuhan. Chen Fengbo, president of the ice washing products division of Suning Tesco Group, said that during the 618 “10,000 people grab ice washing” period, the joint brand will provide consumers with more than 1.5 million ice washing products.

Will Japan's Lawson delisting affect stores? Does not affect normal operations in China

Recently, the Japanese convenience store chain brand LAWSON (LAWSON) attracted attention. According to reports, Japan's Lawson announced that it will hold an extraordinary shareholders' meeting in July, and the company is expected to be delisted on July 24.

According to the official website of Lawson Japan, as of the end of April 2024, Lawson had about 21,000 stores worldwide and about 6,300 stores in China. In response, Miss Zheng from Lawson's China CEO's office said that this is a change in Japan's Lawson's internal shareholding and investment strategy adjustments, and will not affect the normal operation of the company.

Maotai sued several wine companies for infringement claims of 500,000

According to Tianyancha legal litigation information, recently, the People's Court of the Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone announced to Guizhou Tianziyan Liquor Co., Ltd., Guizhou Renhuai Guomiao Liquor Co., Ltd., Kirin Liquor Co., Ltd. in Maotai Town, Renhuai City, Guizhou Province, and Yingyongdu Liquor Co., Ltd. in Guizhou Renhuai Liquor Co., Ltd. to deliver a copy of the lawsuit and a court summons in the case of Kweichow Moutai Liquor Co., Ltd. suing the above companies for trademark infringement disputes.

According to the content, the plaintiff, Maotai, sued the four defendants to immediately stop producing and selling counterfeit infringing products called “Kweichow Moutai Ancient Town” wine, to stop infringing on the plaintiff's trademark, ordered the four defendants to jointly pay the plaintiffs' financial losses and reasonable expenses to defend their rights, and publicly post an apology to eliminate the adverse effects. The court is scheduled to hear the case on July 18.

Jiangxi Automobile's “trade-in” can receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan

The Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce led 15 departments in formulating the “Jiangxi Province's Implementation Plan for Promoting Trade-In of Consumer Goods”. The car trade-in aspect. Among them, there is a subsidy of 10,000 yuan for scrapping a new energy passenger vehicle or two types of fuel passenger vehicles with a displacement of 2.0 liters or less and purchasing a new energy passenger vehicle; a subsidy of 7,000 yuan for scrapping passenger cars with fuel emission standards in the country 3 or below and purchasing passenger cars with fuel emissions of 2.0 liters or less.

Hema's GMV exceeds 59 billion yuan in the 2024 fiscal year

On the evening of May 23, Alibaba Group released its 2024 financial year report. The annual report revealed that in the 2024 fiscal year, online transactions contributed more than 63% to Hema's GMV. Hema has demonstrated scalability and sustainability. In the 2024 fiscal year, Hema's overall GMV exceeded RMB 59 billion.

The annual report also revealed that most of Hema's own stores that have been operating for more than a year during the same period achieved positive cash flow. Thanks to Hema's offline shopping experience initiatives in the past fiscal year, offline transactions contributed 2% to Hema's GMV. The overall GMV for the fiscal year also showed a significant increase over 55 billion yuan in the previous fiscal year.

What's new about going out to sea

The State Council reviewed and approved “Opinions on Expanding Cross-border E-commerce Exports and Promoting Overseas Warehouse Construction”

The document release conference pointed out that developing new forms of foreign trade, such as cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouses, is conducive to promoting the optimization of foreign trade structure and scale stability, and to creating new advantages in international economic cooperation. It is necessary to actively cultivate cross-border e-commerce operators, encourage local authorities to support traditional foreign trade enterprises to develop cross-border e-commerce based on their unique advantages, strengthen the training of cross-border e-commerce talents, provide enterprises with more display and docking platforms, and continue to promote brand building. It is necessary to increase financial support, strengthen the construction of relevant infrastructure and logistics systems, optimize supervision and services, and actively develop standard rules and international cooperation. It is necessary to strengthen industry self-discipline, guide orderly competition, and better empower the upstream and downstream development of the industrial chain.

Domestic bicycle exports surged in the first quarter

China is a major manufacturer of bicycles, and its annual trade volume accounts for about 60% of the world's bicycle trade volume. Right now is the peak season for bicycle exports. The data shows that in the first quarter of 2024, the country exported about 10.99 million complete bicycles, an increase of 29.3% over the previous year. Bicycle exports to Southeast Asia, South America and other regions are expected to increase significantly this year. The reporter visited a number of bicycle manufacturers and learned that demand for high-end sports bikes in overseas markets this year has clearly increased compared to the past.

Yiwu sporting goods exports soared

Currently, there is still some time until the Paris Olympics. Orders for Olympic products in Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade City continue, and the “Olympic economy” continues to heat up. Orders for sporting goods such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball have soared, and soccer sales from some merchants have increased by more than 50%. In addition to sporting goods, Olympics-related products such as cheering scarves, fan wigs, and cheer sticks are also popular. Statistics show that in the first two months of this year, Yiwu's exports to France soared 42% year on year, with sporting goods exports surging 70%.

From now on, Cainiao and Taobao Hong Kong Station will deliver door-to-door delivery in Hong Kong without residential surcharges

Cainiao and Taobao Tmall Hong Kong China jointly announced that from May 24, there will be no additional residential surcharges for door-to-door delivery in Hong Kong. Users of the CAINIAO app under Cainiao can also enjoy the same treatment, that is, home delivery orders outside of Taobao are also exempt from residential surcharges.

Investment and financing news

New Hope established a supply chain company in Shanghai with a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan

According to the Tianyancha App, Shanghai New Hope Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 24. The legal representative is Pang Yundong, with a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan. The scope of business includes supply chain management services, acquisition of primary agricultural products, sales of intelligent storage equipment, retail of edible agricultural products, wholesale of edible agricultural products, etc. According to shareholder information, the company is jointly owned by Shandong New Hope Liuhe Group Co., Ltd. and Shouguang Tianhui Food Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of New Hope (000876).

Rumor has it that Dacheng Capital is considering introducing new investors to Lucky

On May 23, Bloomberg quoted “people familiar with the matter” as saying that Dacheng Capital is considering introducing new investors to Lucky Coffee. Allegedly, Dazheng Capital is testing investors' interest in connecting capital. They said discussions are still in the early stages, and Dazheng Capital may decide not to take any action; through this process, it may also help Dazheng Capital to finance in the future. Dacheng Capital currently holds 55% of Lucky Coffee's shares.

Industry opinion newsletter

Southeast Asia smartphone market grows 12% in Q1 2024

According to Canalys's latest report, in the first quarter of 2024, the smartphone market in Southeast Asia increased 12% year over year to 23.5 million units. This indicates that the macroeconomic economy is showing signs of recovery, but shipments are still far below pre-2023 levels. Canalys predicts smartphone shipments in Southeast Asia will increase 4% in 2024. Most vendors are wary of expecting a significant increase in external sales due to the natural renewal cycle.

Douyin e-commerce's GMV target for 2024 is very close to last year's Pinduoduo

A person close to Douyin e-commerce revealed that in 2023, Douyin e-commerce's total commodity transaction value (GMV) was about 2.7 trillion yuan, while the GMV target for 2024 was 4 trillion yuan, an increase of nearly 50%. In 2023, Alibaba's annual GMV was 7.2 trillion yuan, while Pinduoduo's GMV was 4.05 trillion yuan. This means that Douyin e-commerce's goal this year is already very close to Pinduoduo's results last year.

Meituan launches 2024 “Sinan Physicians List” to promote standardization of industry evaluation systems

On May 24, Meituan released the 2024 “Sinan Physician List” for the first time in Shanghai. A total of 136 medical and aesthetic doctors from 16 cities across the country were selected. The average length of employment reached 18 years, and 68% had the title of Deputy Chief Physician or above. Based on the dual review of industry experts and ordinary users, the Meituan Sinan Physician List comprehensively considers medical professionalism and popular aesthetic needs, and starts from the five major review dimensions to create a professional and trustworthy doctor selection guide for medical and aesthetic consumers.

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