Hehuang Pharmaceutical (00013) appoints Elder as new chairman

Zhitong Finance ·  May 17 22:01

Hehuang Pharmaceutical (00013) issued an announcement. (a) Du Zhiqiang retired as chairman and executive director of the company after 23 years...

Zhitong Finance App News, Hehuang Pharmaceutical (00013) issued an announcement, (a) to retire as Chairman and Executive Director of the Company after 23 years; and (b) to appoint Elder as the new chairman.

The appointment of Elder as chairman will take effect on May 17, 2024. He will continue to serve as the company's non-executive director. Furthermore, from the same date, Mr. Du will no longer serve as a member of the company's nomination committee, remuneration committee and technical committee, and Elder was appointed to replace Mr. Du as a member of the nomination committee and technical committee, while non-executive director Shi Xide was appointed to replace Mr. Du as a member of the remuneration committee.

As proposed by the board of directors, Mr. Du has agreed to serve as the company's strategic advisor and continue to contribute to the company on important matters as a strategic advisor.

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