本周港股牛股 | 内房股放量大涨!万科企业周涨近四成,融创中国涨超三成;绩前获多家机构看好!哔哩哔哩录得四连涨

Hong Kong Stock Bullish Stocks This Week | Domestic Housing Stock Volumes Surged! Vanke Enterprise rose nearly 40% weekly, and Sunac China rose more than 30%; it was favored by many institutions before its performance! Bilibili recorded four consecutive g

Futu News ·  May 18 11:26

Editor's note:“This Week's Bullish Stocks in Hong Kong and the US”The section closely follows market trends every week, takes stock of the weekly performance of the Hong Kong and US stock markets, helps bulls sort through the week's hot sectors, strong individual stocks, and major news, and find profitable investment topics.

This week, the three major indices of Hong Kong stocks continued to strengthen. As of Friday's close, the Hang Seng Index had a cumulative increase of 3.11% this week to 19553.61 points; the China Index had a cumulative increase of 3.79% to 4112.59 points during the same period; and the China Index had a cumulative increase of 3.21% to 6934.7 points during the same period. It is worth mentioning that both the Hang Seng Index and the National Index have recorded four consecutive weekly gains, with increases of more than 20% in the past month.

CITIC Construction Investment Securities said that recently the focus of foreign capital allocation in the Asia-Pacific region has shifted back from Japan to Hong Kong stocks, and the liquidity of Hong Kong stocks has improved dramatically. In terms of domestic investment, driven by favorable policies and a high dividend market, southbound capital has recently increased dramatically, further consolidating the upward trend of Hong Kong stocks.

Specifically, domestic housing stocks have surged in volume this week.$CHINA VANKE (02202.HK)$,$SUNAC (01918.HK)$,$LONGFOR GROUP (00960.HK)$$CHINA JINMAO (00817.HK)$,$GREENTOWN CHINA (03900.HK)$Weekly increases of 37.35%, 30.28%, 21.82%, 20%, and 19.17%, respectively.

According to the news, the central bank, the State Financial Supervisory Administration and other departments have issued three major notices in a row. The notice proposed that the minimum down payment for the first housing commercial loan will be adjusted to no less than 15%, and the minimum down payment for the second commercial loan will be adjusted to no less than 25%; the interest rate on personal housing provident fund loans will be lowered by 0.25 percentage points from May 18; and the lower interest rate policy limit for commercial personal housing loans for the first home and two housing units will be abolished at the national level.

It was favored by many organizations before the results!$BILIBILI-W (09626.HK)$It recorded four consecutive gains, rising more than 19% during the week. The financial report will be released on May 23.

Everbright Securities expects its 1Q24 advertising revenue to increase 28% year on year to 1.63 billion yuan, accounting for a year-on-year increase of 4 pct to 28.9% year on year, mainly due to continuous improvement in advertising efficiency and increased advertising by game and e-commerce advertisers. CCB International expects Bilibili's first quarter results to meet expectations, with revenue expected to increase 11% year-on-year to RMB 5.6 billion. Orient Securities said that the total revenue for 24Q1 is expected to reach 5.67 billion, with advertising and live streaming boosting the company's main growth. The new game is expected to start contributing incrementally when it goes live in Q2.

Good performance boosts stock prices,$TME-SW (01698.HK)$The cumulative increase during the week was nearly 19%, and several institutions raised their target prices.

Goldman Sachs released a research report stating that maintaining Tencent Music's “buy” rating, the company's compound annual profit growth rate from 2024 to 2025 is 26%, and the target price is raised to HK$62.3. Lyon maintained Tencent Music's “outperforming the market” rating, and the target price was raised to HK$67.5. CCB International maintained Tencent Music's “outperforming the market” rating, and the target price was raised to HK$66.3.

On the other hand, the weakest performing stocks this week are as follows:


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