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Fisco Japan ·  May 17 14:23

<7273> Ikuyo 2177 -91

A sharp decline. Financial results for the fiscal year ending 2014/3 were announced the day before, and operating profit was 710 million yen, up 2.4% from the previous fiscal year, up 2.4% from the previous fiscal year, and landed significantly above the previous plan of 480 million yen. Since it was 200 million yen up to the 3rd quarter, down 53.1% from the same period last year, the upward trend seems to be more than expected. However, profit is expected to decline drastically, with 170 million yen for the fiscal year ending 25/3, down 76.5% from the same period, and negative surprises are ahead. Also, the initial forecast for the previous fiscal year was that operating profit was expected to be cut in half.

<3077> HORIIFOOD 340 -52

Plummeting. A business alliance with Gyokkodo HD and the implementation of TOB by the Azabudai No. 1 Limited Liability Business Association, where Gyokkodo HD is a member, have been announced. The purpose of TOB is to acquire 2,976,800 shares (52.5% of the number of issued shares) owned by OUNH, which is the parent company of the company, and it is a discount TOB with a TOB price of 330 yen. Existing shareholders are aware that it will lead to a decline in shareholder value.

<6488> Yoshitake 860 -135

A temporary stop is cheap. Financial results for the fiscal year ended March 24 were announced the day before. Operating income was 870 million yen, down 1.7% from the previous fiscal year, falling below the previous forecast of 1.02 billion yen, and a complete decline in profit. Also, for the fiscal year ending 25/3, profit is expected to decline continuously at 870 million yen, down 0.6% from the same period. Mainly due to amortization of new subsidiaries and increased labor cost burdens due to bear. Net profit is expected to decline by 2 digits due to deterioration in non-operating balance, etc. The day before, stock prices had risen drastically due to expectations, and that reaction also intensified.

<1514> Sumiseki HD 1954 +400

The stop is high. The conclusion of a capital and business alliance agreement with Aso was announced the day before yesterday, and it continued to be viewed as material. Currently, Aso owns 25,228,700 shares, which has a voting rights ratio of 4.08%, and it is aiming to increase the holding ratio from 50.0% or more to 60.0% or less due to acquisitions within the market in the future. It seems to be leading to a sense of anticipation for an immediate impact on supply and demand. Also, it seems that business alliances such as business expansion and collaboration for new businesses in the Kyushu region will also be promoted.

<4751> Cyber 1030.5 -46

A sharp decline. Bandai Namco HD released the smartphone game application “Gakuen Idolmaster” the day before, and the subsidiary QualiArts was involved in the development of the same title, and the day before, it had a greatly high level of development due to expectations. However, the sales rankings for the same title have now stalled from 1st place the day before to 4th place, and it seems that the reaction has declined from a sense of disappointment.

<8035> East Elec 36090 -730

decline. US Applied Materials, the largest semiconductor manufacturing equipment company, announced financial results for the fiscal year ending 2-4, sales and EPS exceeded market expectations, and sales forecasts for the May-July fiscal year also exceeded the market average. However, there were times when high prospects etc. were shown in part, and the positive impact was limited, and stock prices fell due to overtime trading, which led to negative material for the company. Also, semiconductor-related stocks in general are awaiting NVIDIA's financial results next week.

<4344> Sourcenext 194 +10

Massive backlash. It is reported that the subsidiary Poketalk will launch a service to support measures for visitors to Japan at retail stores, etc. It seems that “Poketalk” is rented out, and a system that analyzes demand etc. by linking conversation content to language is provided as a set. User companies can grasp the interests and requests of visitors to Japan for each language through terminals, and use them for product display and inventory adjustments. Bic Camera decided to introduce it as the first step, and it seems that 12 stores will start on the 17th.

<5631> Nippon Steel Works 4456 +292

Significant continued growth. A financial results briefing was held the day before, and it seems that the forecast that the amount of orders received for defense projects for the fiscal year ending 25/3 will be 113 billion yen, a 60% increase from the previous fiscal year. The amount of orders received for defense business increased from 36.1 billion yen in the fiscal year ending 23/3 to 70.5 billion yen in the fiscal year ending 24/3, accounting for 30% of the total. In addition to receiving orders for armored vehicles for the first time in February, they are also working on “railguns,” which are weapons that use magnetic fields generated from electrical energy to shoot bullets at high speed.

<1518> Mitsui Matsushima HD 5130 -240

fight. According to the change report submitted the day before, it is clear that the joint ownership ratio of City Index Eleven has risen from 11.22% to 14.56%. The purpose of holding is to provide advice to management, important proposals, etc. according to investment and circumstances. It was revealed in the mass ownership report submitted on 5/13 that it emerged as a major shareholder of 6.97%, but since then, change reports on the increase in the ownership ratio have been submitted every day.

<6800> Yokoo 1953 +177

rapid expansion. Ichiyoshi Securities raised the rating from “B” to “A,” and the fair value was also raised from 2000 yen to 3000 yen. In addition to the fact that CTC can be expected to recover more than expected, the earnings forecast was revised upward by changing the view that VCCS could maintain a high level. Operating profit for the fiscal year ending 25/3 is expected to be 5 billion yen, which exceeds the company plan of 4.55 billion yen. The fiscal year ending 26/3 is expected to be 7 billion yen. There is a possibility that we will enter a period of re-expansion against the backdrop of medium- to long-term semiconductor demand expansion and sophistication.

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