Starting a new era of AI hardware? Next week, it's Microsoft's turn to make a big AI move!

wallstreetcn ·  May 18 09:54

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Build 2024 will be a major review of Microsoft's artificial intelligence technology capabilities, and is expected to release products such as AI PCs, new Windows systems, and more powerful Copilots for consumers.

From OpenAI's recently released GPT-4O multi-modal model, to Gemini's impressive series of upgrades and AI assistant Project Astra at the Google I/O conference, the AI industry's flourishing product competition is not over yet.

On May 21, local time, another major AI giant$Microsoft (MSFT.US)$The annual Build Developers Conference will be held in Seattle. This conference is seen as an important stage for Microsoft to explain its strategic plans and showcase the latest AI products.

What will be announced at the Build Conference?

There is no doubt that AI will continue to be the protagonist of this Build Conference.

Microsoft's description of the keynote event also emphasized that the focus of this conference was “understanding how the age of artificial intelligence will unlock new opportunities, change the way developers work, and drive productivity in various industries.”

Considering this is a conference for developers, many product updates for developers, such as GitHub, Fabric, Azure AI, and Azure DevOps, should be released.

Furthermore, based on speculations from many technology media, Microsoft is expected to release products such as AI PCs, new Windows systems, and more powerful Copilots for consumers.

1. New Surface for consumers

Microsoft launched Surface computers with powerful performance and dedicated neural processing units in March of this year to better support AI tasks, but the devices released in March are all enterprise versions. Next week, Microsoft is likely to update its consumer-facing product line, which is also expected to be equipped with a new Intel Core Ultra (5 or 7) processor and a dedicated neural processing unit. This will be the first time that Microsoft will launch a Surface product driven by artificial intelligence technology for consumers.

2. Enhanced Windows operating system deeply integrates AI functions

Microsoft is expected to release a new Windows operating system to further integrate its internal AI capabilities.

Some media have revealed that Microsoft is building a new machine learning-based feature called AI Explorer, which may improve the search tool on Windows, allow users to use natural language input to find everything from websites to files, and may also have a new timeline that allows users to retrace all their recent actions on the computer and provide contextual suggestions based on what they are currently viewing.

Additionally, based on the previously revealed Copilot functionality, Microsoft may add support for real-time captioning, enhanced image editing (including real-time filters), and localized AIGC tools.

3. Smarter, cloud-independent Copilots

Some media also speculate that the most significant drawback of Microsoft's Copilot tool now is that it relies on an internet connection and cannot perform edge computing. However, Intel has previously confirmed that Microsoft is looking for ways to drive Copilots with edge computing to enable AI assistants to answer simple questions such as basic math and system file queries more quickly.

Build 2024 will be a major review of Microsoft's artificial intelligence technology capabilities. If Microsoft can convincingly prove the value, reliability, and utility of its AI products, it will further strengthen its leading position on this racetrack.


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