The Nikkei Average weakens by 205 yen, and I'm interested in US NVIDIA financial results next week

Fisco Japan ·  May 17 13:43

The Nikkei Average depreciated by 205 yen (as of 14:40). In terms of the Nikkei average contribution, East Elec <8035>, Fast Rette <9983>, Terumo <4543>, etc. are top negative contributors, while Toyota <7203>, Konami G <9766>, Olympus <7733>, etc. are top positive contributors. In the sector, precision instruments, other products, chemicals, construction, and pulp/paper are at the top of the price drop rate, while banking, electric/gas transportation equipment, steel, and shipping industries are at the top of the price increase rate.

The Nikkei Average is a development where the return is somewhat heavy. Tonight in the US, the US Economic Leading Index Composite Index for April will be announced, and US Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Powell's lecture is scheduled for the 19th (Sun). Also, next week, US NVIDIA is scheduled to announce financial results for the fiscal year ending 2-4, and market interest is high.

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