Columbotai Bio-B (06990.HK) plans to place 3.648,800 shares of placement and issue of 4.423,87 million subscription shares

Gelonghui Finance ·  May 8 08:25

Glonghui, May 8 | Columbotai Bio-B (06990.HK) issued an announcement. On May 8, 2024 (before the trading period), the company signed a placement agreement with the placement agent (i.e. Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan). According to this, the placement agent already agreed to use individual (but not common or common and individual) as the company's agent to induce the placement of at least six (but not common or common and individual) criteria to place 3.68,600 shares at the allotment price for each share Shares 150.00 Hong Kong dollars. The placement price of HK$150.00 per share was discounted by approximately 6.83% compared to the closing price of HK$161.00 per H share reported on the Stock Exchange on the last trading day.

On May 8, 2024 (before the trading period), the company entered into a subscription agreement with the subscriber (i.e. Colon Pharmaceuticals). According to this, the subscriber has agreed to subscribe, and the company has conditionally agreed to allocate and issue a total of 4,423,87 million subscribed shares at the subscription price of RMB 136.21 per share (equivalent to HK$150.00 per subscription share, the same as the placement price).

The estimated net proceeds from the placement are expected to be approximately HK$540.5 million, and the estimated net proceeds from the subscription are expected to be approximately RMB601.1 million (equivalent to approximately HK$661.9 million). The Company intends to use the estimated net proceeds from placement and subscription matters for (i) R&D, clinical trials, registration, manufacturing and commercialization of core products and other products; (ii) enhancing internal R&D technical capabilities, strengthening external cooperation and expanding product pipeline portfolios; and (iii) supplementing working capital and general corporate purposes. Placement matters and subscription matters are carried out to further expand the company's shareholders' equity base, optimize the company's capital structure, and support the company's health and sustainable development. The subscription also shows the confidence of the subscribers (as the controlling shareholder of the company) in the company's long-term business development and prospects.

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