港股异动丨科伦博泰生物-B一度涨超11%创新高 主要产品获FDA批准2期试验

Hong Kong stock changes丨Collumbotai Bio-B once rose more than 11% to a record high, and the main products were approved by the FDA for Phase 2 testing

Gelonghui Finance ·  May 6 15:29
Glonghui, May 6 | Columbotai Bio-B (6990.HK) rose by more than 11% in the afternoon, reaching a new high listing price of HK$182.2, with a total market value of nearly HK$40 billion. The company's main product, A400 (EP0031) (rearrangement during transfection (RET) small molecule kinase inhibitor program, also known as KL590586 or EP0031), was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Phase 2 clinical development. A400 (EP0031) is a second-generation selective RET inhibitor (SRI) and has broad activity against common RET gene fusions and mutations.

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