Zhitong Hong Kong Stock Short Position Statement Statistics|April 26

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 26 18:30

Zhitong Hong Kong Stock Short Position Statement | April 26

According to data from the Zhitong Finance App, as of April 19, Ganfeng Lithium (01772), Vanke (02202), and China Free (01880) ranked in the top three positions with short positions. The short positions ratio was 20.05%, 16.43%, and 15.30%, respectively.

The largest increase in the ratio of unclosed short positions (absolute value) from the previous time was Zhaojin Mining (01818), Weimeng Group (02013), and Shengnuo Pharmaceutical-B (02257), which increased by 1.31%, 1.22%, and 0.96% respectively.

The largest decrease in the ratio (absolute value) of open positions compared to the previous time was Follett Glass (06865), Vanke Enterprise (02202), and Luoyang Molybdenum (03993), which decreased by -4.04%, -0.73%, and -0.68%, respectively.

Top 10 open and short position ratios

Stock nameNumber of previous open positionsNumber of open positions this timeThe latest short position ratio ↓
Ganfeng Lithium (01772)778.616 million shares809.97 million shares20.05%
Vanke Enterprise (02202)3.79 billion shares3.63 billion shares16.43%
China Exemption (01880)178.86 million shares17.8014 million shares15.30%
Follett glass (06865)785.22,200 shares6036.35 million shares13.41%
Age Angels (06699)209.427 million shares206.03 million shares12.18%
Tiger Pharmaceuticals (03347)136.921 million shares1411.56 million shares11.46%
Great Wall Motor (02333)250 million shares2.61 billion shares11.26%
Country Garden Services (06098)3.31 million shares3.35 billion shares10.04%
Luye Pharmaceutical (02186)3.72 billion shares370 million shares9.82%
Weimue Group (02013)2.49 billion shares2.87 billion shares9.33%

10 stocks with the biggest increase in open and short positions

Stock nameRatio of previous short positionsLatest short position ratioAdded value↓
Zhaojin Mining (01818)5.22%6.53%1.31%
Weimue Group (02013)8.11%9.33%1.22%
Shengnuo Pharmaceutical-B (02257)1.89%2.84%0.96%
Ganfeng Lithium (01772)19.29%20.05%0.76%
Zoomlion Heavy Industries (01157)2.54%3.25%0.71%
Dongfeng Group Shares (00489)5.25%5.84%0.59%
TIMES ELECTRIC (03898)1.39%1.94%0.55%
Dongfang Electric (01072)2.83%3.34%0.51%
Kangzhe Pharmaceutical (00867)1.35%1.83%0.48%
Great Wall Motor (02333)10.79%11.26%0.47%

10 stocks with the biggest decrease in open and short positions

Stock nameRatio of previous short positionsLatest short position ratioReduced value↓
Follett glass (06865)17.45%13.41%-4.04%
Vanke Enterprise (02202)17.16%16.43%-0.73%
Luoyang Molybdenum Industry (03993)4.27%3.59%-0.68%
Longhu Group (00960)5.11%4.54%-0.57%
Kumo 9 (09922)8.34%7.80%-0.54%
Shang Tang - W (00020)2.61%2.29%-0.33%
Sinotrans (00598)0.81%0.54%-0.27%
COSCO Marine Control (01919)4.11%3.85%-0.27%
Meitu Inc. (01357)5.24%5.03%-0.21%
Age Angels (06699)12.37%12.18%-0.20%

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