大摩:维持小米集团-W(01810)“增持”评级 目标价20港元

Damo: Maintaining the Xiaomi Group-W (01810) “Gain” Rating Target Price of HK$20

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 26 10:47

The Zhitong Finance App learned that Morgan Stanley released a research report stating that it maintains the Xiaomi Group-W (01810) “increase” rating, with a target price of HK$20. Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun said that the SU7 has only been on the market for 28 days, and shipments have reached 5,781 units.

According to the report, as of April 24, more than 75,723 new orders had been confirmed, up from 70,000 units on April 20. This means that despite a long wait for delivery, new orders are gaining momentum. After visiting Xiaomi's electric vehicle factory in Beijing, Damo said that the Xiaomi factory is highly automated and has advanced production equipment and production and operation systems. The bank believes that this is an important factor supporting the good quality of SU7 and the rapid increase in production capacity.

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