China Wangwang (00151.HK) received Cai Yanming's additional common shares by 2.337 million shares, worth approximately HK$10.273,500

Futu News ·  Apr 24 17:04

On April 24, it was reported that according to documents disclosed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on April 24, Choi Yin-ming increased her holdings at an average price of HK$4.396 per share on April 19$WANT WANT CHINA (00151.HK)$2.337 million common shares worth approximately HK$10.273,500. After the increase in holdings, Cai Yanming's latest shareholding was 6.366 billion shares, and the good position ratio increased from 53.87% to 53.89%.


What is disclosure of interests?

As required by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, major shareholders (individuals and companies holding 5% or more of the shares) are required to disclose their share interests in listed companies. The directors and top executives of a listed company must disclose their interest in shares and debentures of the listed company and the company linked to the listed company.

Why is disclosure of interests important?

Disclosure of interests allows investors to identify (1) persons who control or are capable of controlling the stock interests of listed companies, and (2) persons who may benefit from transactions involving linked entities of listed companies.

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