港股异动 | 东方海外国际(00316.HK)涨超4%领涨集运股 中东局势再度升级 欧线集运飙升涨超15%创上市新高

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Dongfang Overseas International (00316.HK) rose more than 4%, leading the way forward, the situation in the Middle East, once again escalated, European shipping soared by more than 15% to reach a new listing high

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 19 10:38
Shipping stocks generally rose in early trading. As of press release, Dongfang Overseas International (00316.HK) rose 3.48% to HK$101.2; COSCO Maritime Control (01919.HK) rose 3.36% to HK$8.93; and Sinotrans (00598.HK) rose 1.24% to HK$4.07. Additionally, Pacific Shipping (02343.HK) rose 8.26% to HK$2.62; COSCO Marine (01138.HK) rose 5.21% to HK$9.08.

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