美股异动 | 黄金、白银股下跌 First Majestic(AG.US)跌超9.8%

Changes in US stocks | Gold and silver stocks fall, First Majestic (AG.US) falls more than 9.8%

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 16 22:32
On Tuesday, US gold and silver stocks fell. As of press release, Jintian (GFI.US) fell slightly, Fortuna Silver (FSM.US) and Harmony Gold (HMY.US) fell more than 2.8%, Silvercorp Metals (SVM.US) fell more than 3%, PAAS.US (PAAS.US) fell 3.8%, Barrick Gold (GOLD.US) fell more than 6.7%, and First Majestic (AG.US) fell more than 9.8%.

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