Wrap Technologies Launches "WrapAI" Suite Of Artificial Intelligence-Powered Functionality For Intrensic BWC And DEMS

Benzinga ·  Apr 1 21:09

Wrap Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:WRAP) ("Wrap" or the "Company"), the makers of BolaWrap and the innovative public safety solutions platform powered by artificial intelligence ("AI"), virtual reality and data, today announces the launch of its artificial intelligence product suite for its Wrap Intrensic Body-Worn Camera and Digital Evidence Management (DEMS) platform. Branded "WrapAI", this suite of products are poised to greatly streamline operations for police departments and private security firms worldwide.

The hero feature of the WrapAI product suite is the AI Auto-Tagging functionality, an exciting tool designed to streamline the categorization and analysis of video evidence. Leveraging state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms, WrapAI's Auto-Tagging feature automatically identifies and labels objects, activities, and individuals within video content, significantly reducing the time and resources required for manual tagging and analysis of content. With AI Auto-Tagging, a police department benefits from an added layer of compliance by ensuring that evidence is properly tagged and retained based on their unique retention policies. These compliance standards also contribute to cost savings for departments, ensuring efficient storage of digital evidence without unnecessary retention. For existing Wrap Intrensic customers, WrapAI can be accessed via a software update, bringing customers the latest and most advanced functionality without requiring any additional set up.

Other AI functionality and features that live under WrapAI includes:

Artificial Intelligence Video Redaction

Wrap Technologies introduces AI video redaction, an exciting new feature designed to enhance privacy and compliance. This functionality allows users to automatically identify and redact sensitive information within recorded video footage. With this advanced capability, law enforcement agencies can efficiently protect the privacy of individuals and adhere to regulatory requirements, ensuring responsible and ethical use of video data.

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