港股异动 | 宇华教育(06169)涨超12% 近一个月涨幅翻倍 机构认为部分教育细分赛道呈显著的景气反转趋势

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Yuhua Education (06169) rose more than 12%, doubling in the past month. Institutions believe that some education segments are showing a significant reversal in the boom

Zhitong Finance ·  Mar 20 11:02

Yuhua Education (06169) rose by more than 12% and rose 12.5% at press time to HK$0.9, with a turnover of HK$25 million.

The Zhitong Finance App learned that Yuhua Education (06169) rose by more than 12% and rose 12.5% at press time to HK$0.9, with a turnover of HK$25 million. It is worth noting that the company's stock price has continued to rise in the past month, with a cumulative increase of nearly 100%.

Guoxin Securities said earlier that the policy brought about supply-side clean-up, effective literacy training transformation, and a clear regulatory attitude. These are the three major changes to the K12 education and training circuit. Looking ahead, the bank analyzed that demand for the racetrack is strong and the lack of supply of high-quality content is expected to continue to be maintained, and leading players are expected to continue to benefit. In addition, the public examination recruitment circuit has ushered in three major changes: “the level of prosperity is still high, the internal competition pattern has changed, and the competitive strategy has returned to rationality”, and I am optimistic about the trend of the racetrack being concentrated at the head.

CITIC Securities believes that since this year, some education segments have shown a marked reversal trend, such as education and training, examination, etc. At the same time, along with the explosion of AIGC technology, the education technology circuit has also shown great development prospects, and all kinds of players are flourishing. The bank believes that along with positive changes in the education industry, some leading companies are expected to show strong growth potential. It is recommended to focus on: 1) leading education and training companies that are actively transforming and growing again; 2) vocational training companies with high demand and the industry is expected to rebound; 3) higher education companies with historically low valuations, high performance certainty, and are expected to gradually face valuation restoration.

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