EssilorLuxottica: 2023 Universal Registration Document Filed

GlobeNewswire ·  Mar 9 01:37

2023 Universal Registration Document filed

Charenton-le-Pont, France (March 8, 2024 – 6:30 pm) – EssilorLuxottica announces the availability of its 2023 Universal Registration Document, in accordance with applicable regulation. The French version of this document, prepared in ESEF format (European Single Electronic Format), was filed with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF, the French market regulator) on March 8, 2024 under the reference D.24-0087.

The Universal Registration Document includes:

a) the Annual Financial Report, with:

  • the parent Company Financial Statements,
  • the Group Consolidated Financial Statements,
  • the Management Report and the Non-financial Statement, in compliance with articles L.225-100 and L.225-102-1 respectively, of the French Commercial Code,
  • a statement by the person responsible for the Universal Registration Document,
  • the Statutory Auditors' Reports on the parent Company and on the Group Consolidated Financial Statements, and
  • information concerning Statutory Auditors' fees;

b) the Report on Corporate Governance as per the article L.225-37 of the French Commercial Code.

From now on, the French version of the Universal Registration Document as well as its English translation are available to the public free of charge, as provided for by the applicable legislation, and may be downloaded from EssilorLuxottica corporate website .



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