每日期权追踪 | 豪气斥资百亿美元回购!通用汽车多张call单大赚10倍;一夜飙涨20%!游戏驿站看涨比达八成

Daily rights tracking | Proudly spending $10 billion on repurchases! GM's multiple call orders made a profit of 10 times; it soared 20% overnight! The bullish ratio of gaming stations reached 80%

Futu News ·  11/30/2023 17:10

Editor's note: This section focuses on the US stock options market, covering the options transactions of popular individual stocks, stock indexes, ETFs, and high-volatility individual stocks. It is updated regularly after the end of each trading day to provide Niuyou with multi-dimensional opportunity references and help Niuyou seize investment opportunities!

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1. US stock options trading list

1.$Tesla (TSLA.US)$It closed down 1.05% overnight, and 2,393 million options contracts were traded, falling from the bullish trend for three consecutive days. The trading volume of the $250 exercise call option due on December 1 is particularly high, with more than 180,000 contracts traded.

The National Federation of Auto Workers (UAW) has initiated a trade union campaign against at least 13 automobile manufacturers. The target companies for this trade union campaign include Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, and “Tesla rival” Rivian. At least thousands of non-unionized workers have signed agreements to join the UAW.

2,$General Motors (GM.US)$Overnight, it surged more than 9%, and options transactions rose nearly 4 times month-on-month to 410,000, with a bullish ratio of 67.5%. Looking at the options chain, call orders expiring this Friday with an exercise price of 29 US dollars ranked first, reaching 41,000, and the number of open positions exceeded 22,000. Among them, calls that expire on the same day and exercise rights at $31.5/31 are profitable tenfold.

After experiencing the turbulence of the year's war with trade unions, GM expanded its moves on Wednesday. It is planned to set up a $10 billion accelerated share repurchase plan. The 2024 dividend will also be raised, and next year's quarterly dividend is planned to increase by 33% to 12 cents per share. Furthermore, the performance guidelines for the full year of 2023 have been restored.

3.$AMC Entertainment (AMC.US)$The stock price rose more than 7%, and the number of options sold reached 350,000, ranking 11th in the individual stock options results list. The bullish ratio rose from 65.4% to 79.4%. Call transactions of $7.5, which expired this week, topped the list, reaching 46,000, and the number of open positions reaching 11,000.

II. The trading list of US stock indexes and industry ETF options

The three major US stock indices had mixed ups and downs on Wednesday. At the close, the Dow Jones index rose 0.04%, the S&P 500 index fell 0.09%, and the Nasdaq composite index fell 0.16%.

There is still one trading day until the end of November. Overall, the three major indices have returned to near their highs during the year. To close at a new high in the new year, the Dow would need to rise about 0.5%, the S&P would need to rise by about 0.8%, and the NASDAQ would need to rise nearly 0.7%.

$SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY.US)$Options transactions jumped sharply to 7.62 million, and the bullish ratio rose from 44.6% to 48.3%.$Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ.US)$Options trading rose to 3.68 million, and the bullish ratio rose to 42.8%.

3. Implicit Volatility (IV) Fluctuation List of Individual Stocks

$GameStop (GME.US)$Overnight, it soared more than 20%, and 600,000 options were traded, up about 12 times from the 90-day average trading volume, with a bullish ratio of 81%. Call options, which expire on December 1, have the highest trading volume of $30, with a total of over 5.4 contract transactions.

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Risk warning

An option is a contract that gives a holder the right, but no obligation, to buy or sell an asset at a fixed price on or at any time prior to that date. The price of an option is affected by a number of factors, including the underlying asset's current price, exercise price, expiration time, and implied volatility.

The implied volatility reflects the market's expectations for options to fluctuate over a period of time to come. It is data inverted by the options BS pricing model, and is generally viewed as an indicator of market sentiment. When investors anticipate greater volatility, they may be more willing to pay higher options to help hedge risks, leading to higher implied volatility.

Traders and investors use implied volatility to assess the appeal of option prices, identify potential mispricing, and manage risk exposure.


This content does not constitute an offer, solicitation, recommendation, opinion or guarantee of any securities, financial products or instruments. The risk of losing money when trading options can be extremely high. In some cases, you may lose more than the amount of your initial deposit. Even if you set backup instructions, such as “stop corrosion” or “limit price” instructions, you may not be able to avoid losses. Market conditions may make such instructions unenforceable. You may be asked to deposit an additional security deposit within a short period of time. If you fail to provide the required amount within the specified time, your open positions may be closed. However, you are still responsible for any shortfall in your account as a result. Therefore, you should study and understand options before trading, and carefully consider whether this type of trading is suitable for you based on your financial situation and investment goals. If you trade options, you should be familiar with the procedures for exercising options and when they expire, as well as your rights and responsibilities when you exercise options and when they expire.


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