美股异动丨游戏驿站盘前涨超13% 交易员押注其股价将暴涨50%

Changes in US stocks | Gaming Station rose more than 13% before the market, traders bet its stock price will soar by 50%

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/29/2023 21:51
November 29 | GME.US (GME.US) US stocks rose more than 13% before the market to $15.25. According to the news, since traders are betting that Gaming Station's stock will rise 50% in a little over a week, the company's options trading was extremely active yesterday, with a total trading volume of over 172,000. Among them, the volume of call options was 144,000, the number of put options was 28,000, and the P/C ratio reached 0.193. Piper Sandler's options owner Danny Kirsch said 140,000 game stations changed hands on Tuesday, compared to an average of 30,000 over the past 20 days. The deal is reminiscent of the MEME boom, although on a much smaller scale, and believes the stock is unlikely to soar again like during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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