华领医药收到8亿元里程碑付款 宝尊电商三季度净亏损同比收窄逾两成|港股11月21日公告精选

Hualing Pharmaceutical received a milestone of 800 million yuan, and Baozun E-commerce's net loss in the third quarter narrowed by more than 20% year-on-year | Selected Hong Kong Stock Announcements on November 21 ·  11/22/2023 21:28

① Hualing Pharmaceutical received a milestone payment of 800 million yuan. What product pipeline progress is involved? ② Baozun e-commerce's net loss in the third quarter narrowed year-on-year. How was the revenue performance?

Financial News Agency, November 22 (Editor Feng Yi) Financial Association brings you today's important Hong Kong stock announcements

1) Company news

Hualing Pharmaceutical-B (02552): Hualing Shanghai has received a milestone payment of RMB 800 million from Bayer relating to the achievement of an important milestone in Huatangning's development.

Baozun E-Commerce-W (09991.HK): Total net revenue for the third quarter was 1,8236 million yuan, up 4.7% year on year; net loss was 126 million yuan, narrowing by about 25.12% year on year.

China Reinsurance (01508.HK): In the first 10 months, it obtained original premium income of 42.187 billion yuan through China Land Financial Insurance, an increase of 8.6% over the previous year.

Lianyirong Technology-W (09959.HK): Plans to sell 19.608% of Sinopharm Ronghui (Shanghai) commercial factoring shares for 112 million yuan.

Bank of China Financial Leasing (01606.HK): Plans to lease offshore wind power equipment assets of 1.1 billion yuan from Xinneng Haili.

Cinda Biotech (01801.HK): The State Drug Administration has accepted a new drug marketing application for telaletinib, a ROS1 inhibitor.

Rongchang Biology (09995): Tetaxip has been fully approved by China's National Drug Administration and can be used to treat adult patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.

R&F Real Estate (02777.HK): We are actively communicating and negotiating with relevant creditors.

Hong Kong Industrial International (00480.HK): Released interim results, net profit of HK$118 million, up 568.75% year on year.

Geely Automobile (00175.HK): Approximately 578.4 million shares were granted. The exercise price of the warrants was HK$9.56 per share.

2) Financing and repurchase news

China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. (006700.HK): Perpetual debt financing of RMB 20 billion was provided to China Eastern Airlines Group, the controlling shareholder.

China Life Insurance (02628.HK): It plans to issue capital supplementary bonds totaling no more than 35 billion yuan, depending on circumstances.

China Railway Construction (01186.HK): The registration application for the public issuance of corporate bonds to professional investors was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Jiumaojiu (09922.HK): spent HK$10.859 million to repurchase 1.303 million shares at a repurchase price of HK$8.28-8.43.

COSCO Marine Holdings (01919.HK): spent HK$19.5888 million to repurchase 2.7 million shares at a repurchase price of HK$7.17-7.32.

Tencent Holdings (00700.HK): spent approximately HK$400 million to repurchase 1.23 million shares at a repurchase price of HK$322.20-329.80.

AIA (01299.HK): Invested approximately HK$135 million to repurchase 1,853,600 shares at a repurchase price of HK$71.90-73.00.

HSBC Holdings (00005.HK): spent HK$181 million to repurchase 2,9972 million shares at a repurchase price of HK$60.25-60.55.

China Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd. (00386.HK): Invested approximately HK$31.2525 million to repurchase 7.53 million shares at a repurchase price of HK$4.13-4.17.

Jinshan Software (03888.HK): spent HK$199815 million to repurchase 688,400 shares at a repurchase price of HK$28.95-29.1.

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