成交额TOP 20 | 科技股全线上涨!微软、英伟达股价均创历史新高;波音大涨超4%,获德银上调评级

Top 20 turnover | Technology stocks are rising across the board! The stock prices of Microsoft and Nvidia both reached record highs; Boeing surged more than 4% and was upgraded by Deutsche Bank

Sina Finance ·  11/21/2023 07:16

On Monday, Tesla, ranked No. 1 in US stock turnover, closed 0.55% higher, trading US$27.238 billion; Nvidia, No. 2, closed 2.28% higher, reaching a record high of US$20.674 billion; and Microsoft, number 3, closed 2.05% higher, reaching a record high of US$19.721 billion.

No. 1 in US stock turnover on Monday$Tesla (TSLA.US)$It closed up 0.55% and traded $27.238 billion. Tesla will once again raise prices in the Chinese market this week. This will be the fourth consecutive price increase for the company recently, targeting all models. In addition, the Tesla Model S Plaid carbon-ceramic brake kit is on sale at a price of 109,494 yuan.

According to another report, Tesla will begin delivering its electric pickup truck to customers next week. According to the media, it is currently unclear how much this car actually costs.

Second place$NVIDIA (NVDA.US)$It closed 2.28% higher, reaching a record high of US$20.674 billion. Nvidia will release financial results after the market closes on Tuesday. Furthermore, the company is collaborating with SandboxAQ, a quantum technology startup spun off from Alphabet. The two sides will help companies simulate a large number of chemical reactions through artificial intelligence to develop new materials for pharmaceuticals and batteries.

3rd place$Microsoft (MSFT.US)$It closed 2.05% higher, reaching a record high of US$19.721 billion. OpenAI founders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman will join Microsoft to help lead a newly formed in-house artificial intelligence (AI) development team. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella posted on social platform X on Monday morning that Microsoft remains committed to maintaining its relationship with OpenAI and looks forward to cooperating with Shear and the new leadership of OpenAI.

Sam Atlman was removed from his position as CEO of OpenAI last week because the company's board questioned his leadership and honesty.

After Sam Atlman left office, almost all OpenAI employees demanded the resignation of the company's current board of directors. Otherwise, they would leave OpenAI and follow Sam Altman, who had previously been ousted, to Microsoft. As a result, the future of this artificial intelligence startup faced greater uncertainty.

On Monday, more than 700 of OpenAI's approximately 770 employees signed a letter saying “it is impossible to work for people who lack competence, judgment, and don't care about our mission and employees.” They urged all board members to resign and reinstate Altman, otherwise they would collectively move to Microsoft. The letter also stated that Microsoft “has promised to provide positions to all OpenAI employees.”

Fourth place$Apple (AAPL.US)$It closed 0.93% higher and traded $8.896 billion. According to a well-known Apple tipster, Apple may launch the Vision Pro headphone in March next year, but there is still a need to refine the Vision Pro distribution plan and conduct further testing.

Apple also usually holds a spring press conference in March, at which time the company may promote this headset and show previews of other apps. Due to the complex design and manufacturing difficulties of this device, Apple was forced to “drastically cut” its production forecast. Production is expected to be less than 400,000 units by 2024. The device will initially only be launched in the US, and will enter more markets, including Canada and the UK, by the end of next year.

5th place$Amazon (AMZN.US)$It closed 0.65% higher and traded $6.122 billion. Amazon announced on Monday the launch of the “AI Ready” program, which aims to provide 2 million people around the world with free artificial intelligence skills training by 2025, with a view to finding talents.

The American Truckers Union said on Monday that the strike by members of the Amazon Truckers Union has extended to Chicago warehouses.

6th place$Meta Platforms (META.US)$It closed 1.47% higher and traded $5.752 billion. The company announced on Saturday local time that it is splitting its responsible AI team to shift more resources to generative artificial intelligence work. It's part of a broader restructuring plan for the company's internal AI team this week.

A Meta spokesperson said that most team members responsible for artificial intelligence will move to the field of generative artificial intelligence and continue to support Meta's interdepartmental work related to responsible artificial intelligence development and use; some other members will move to the AI infrastructure department. He pointed out that the company intends to bring these employees closer to the development of core products and technologies.

11th$Boeing (BA.US)$It closed 4.65% higher and traded $2.5 billion. Deutsche Bank Securities upgraded the stock's rating from “hold” to “buy” on Monday, citing Boeing's strong free cash flow.

Deutsche Bank said that the reason for raising Boeing's rating is simple, indicating that its aircraft deliveries are accelerating. It believes there are credible reasons to prove that its improvements are sustainable, and that the delivery momentum should bring positive changes to positive free cash flow.

12th place$Alibaba (BABA.US)$It closed 1.11% higher and traded $2,462 billion. Recently, Alibaba Group released its financial report for the second quarter of fiscal year 2024. Among them, Cainiao achieved revenue of 22,823 billion yuan this quarter, an increase of 25% over the previous year. The adjusted EBITA was 906 million yuan, and profitability continued to increase. Cainiao's IPO is proceeding normally and has received feedback from the China Securities Regulatory Commission requesting additional materials. This news attracted widespread attention, and people speculated about the future direction of Cainiao's IPO and the strategic layout of Alibaba Group.

14th$Intel (INTC.US)$It closed 2.12% higher, trading at $1,986 million.

15th leading stock for AI applications$Palantir (PLTR.US)$It closed 4.15% higher, trading at $1.92 billion.

18th place$Palo Alto Networks (PANW.US)$It closed 5.24% higher and traded $1,767 million.

The following are the 20 most actively traded US stocks on the same day (by turnover):


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