本周美股牛股 | 零售巨头塔吉特一夜暴涨近18%!绩后获多家机构唱多;连涨3日!英特尔周内累涨超11%

US bull stocks this week | Retail giant Target surged nearly 18% overnight! After the results, it won the praise of many organizations; it has been rising for 3 days! Intel climbed more than 11% during the week

Futu News ·  11/17/2023 16:13

Editor's note:“This Week's Bullish Stocks in Hong Kong and the US”The section closely follows market trends every week, takes stock of the weekly performance of the Hong Kong and US stock markets, helps bulls sort through the week's hot sectors, strong individual stocks, and major news, and find profitable investment topics.

This week, the US CPI for October slowed beyond expectations, compounded by the end of six months of continuous growth in retail sales. Expectations for the Fed to complete interest rate hikes were further strengthened. All three indices recorded three consecutive increases during the week.

As of Thursday, the Dow had accumulated a cumulative increase of 1.93% to 34945.47 points; the S&P 500 index had a cumulative increase of 2.11% to 4508.24 points during the same period; and the NASDAQ had a cumulative increase of 2.29% over the same period to 14113.67 points.

Among the individual stocks that performed well this week, retail giants$Target (TGT.US)$It surged nearly 18% overnight, the biggest one-day increase since August 2019, and climbed more than 21% during the week to the top of the growth list. After the results, it received the highest number of institutional relays.

Goldman Sachs raised its target price to $176 and maintained its “buy” rating; Bank of America raised its target price to $160 and maintained its “buy” rating; Citigroup raised its target price to $142 and maintained its “hold” rating; Jefferies raised its target price to $150 and maintained its “buy” rating; Wells Fargo raised its rating to “buy”, raising its target price to $148.

Semiconductor giants$Intel (INTC.US)$It recorded an increase of more than 11% this week, and its “Pearl of Autonomous Driving”$Mobileye Global (MBLY.US)$It has also increased by nearly 10%.

At the Supercomputing 2023 conference, Intel provided numerous updates on its latest HPC and AI plans, including new information on the fifth-generation Emerald Rapids and future Granite Rapids Xeon CPUs, Guadi 3 accelerators, the new Max series GPU benchmarks against Nvidia H100 GPUs, and work on the “GenAI” trillion parameter artificial intelligence model running on the Aurora supercomputer.

Mizuho raised Intel's rating from “neutral” to “buy,” and the target price was raised from $37 to $50. The bank believes that the personal computer and data center market will enter an “upward cycle” in 2024. Intel is likely to launch important new server products within the next 6 months and will become a foundry customer.

It has increased more than tenfold in ten years! medical device company$DexCom (DXCM.US)$The week rose by more than 11% and was well received by many people.

Bank of America reiterated Deccan Healthcare's “buy” rating and maintained its target price of 115 US dollars.

Also, a number of software stocks are on this week's growth list.$Cloudflare (NET.US)$A cumulative increase of more than 12% during the week,$Shopify (SHOP.US)$,$Block (SQ.US)$The average weekly increase was more than 9%.

On the other hand, the weakest performing stocks this week are as follows:


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