Ingersoll Rand launched the world's first new product at the Expo

PR Newswire ·  11/10/2023 11:21

(Nengdong, November 10, 2023) The 6th China International Import Expo was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Ingersoll Rand, an industrial group that has always been at the forefront of the industry, unveiled new products for the sixth year in a row. In the 450-square-meter exhibition area (booth 4.1H-A3-05), Ingersoll Rand continued the exhibition theme of “Sustainable Industrial Intelligence, Making Life Better” this year, bringing the world's first new product - the Gardner Denver BM200 maglev blower. At the same time, it joined forces with the Group's stronger brand lineup to showcase breakthrough products and industry solutions in the industrial field, conveying the company's sustainable operation, energy saving and environmental protection concepts in all aspects. In addition, Ingersoll Rand also shared the achievements of rural ethnic culture revitalization carried out jointly with Yunnan University, demonstrating corporate responsibility.

Ingersoll Rand booth at the 6th CIIE

“CIIE has become an important platform for multinational enterprises to showcase innovation, promote cooperation and exchange, and deeply connect with the Chinese market. After going to the contract for six years in a row, we experienced firsthand the process of 'exhibits becoming products, and new products becoming explosive', and felt the strong influence of the Expo.” Li Yi, Ingersoll Rand Global Senior Vice President and Asia Pacific President of Industrial Technology and Services Group, said, “Creating a better life has always been Ingersoll Rand's brand purpose. Since starting business in China in 1922, Ingersoll Rand has continued to explore high-efficiency air systems through technological innovation to help Chinese customers improve efficiency and improve their lives. As China enters a stage of high-quality development, we hope to continue to make full use of more than 160 years of industrial technology accumulation, develop more intelligent and efficient products and solutions through continuous investment in local innovation, and participate in helping China upgrade its economy and achieve the goal of 'double carbon'.”

The booth is eye-catching Efficiently build a green future

At this year's fair, there were many highlights in the Ingersoll Rand exhibition area. While incorporating digitalization and green labels into the booth design, a series of new high-efficiency and energy-saving products and technologies were showcased, attracting many visitors to the event.

On November 6, at the world launch ceremony at the Expo site, Ingersoll Rand launched a new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving gas supply products - the Gardner Denver BM200 maglev blower. Specially developed for the Chinese market, the BM200 is based on Ingersoll Rand's century-long air end development experience, uses an efficient air end design, and incorporates new magnetic levitation bearing technology to achieve a more efficient and energy-efficient gas supply experience. The new product can not only meet the customer's different application scenarios with a speed of up to 20,000 rpm (rev/min), but can also match the flow requirements of customers under different loads with a wide flow adjustment range, achieving energy saving and consumption reduction while automatically optimizing.

Gardner Denver BM200 maglev blower new product launch site

At the launch ceremony, Huang Li, president of the China General Machinery Industry Association, Xu Jun, Secretary General of the Shanghai Energy Conservation Association, and the leadership of Ingersoll Rand jointly witnessed the release of this local innovation.

In addition to launching major new products in the world, Ingersoll Rand is also teaming up with a stronger lineup of brands such as the Group's Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors, Retinus, Gardner Denver, Richelle, Milton Row, ARO, and Westpac to bring breakthrough air and fluid solution products. Of these, 90% of the exhibits were exhibited for the first time in the world.

It is worth mentioning that in this year's Expo exhibition, the digital concept permeated the entire Ingersoll Rand booth. For example, at the entrance of the exhibition area, Ingersoll Rand set up a 3D printed model sandbox to visually show the company's applications in the four popular industries of food and beverage, lithium, new energy, water treatment, and pharmaceuticals. Walking into the showroom, a large 34-meter-long digital canopy screen showcased the company's green development concept. Unlike previous sessions, Ingersoll Rand also added intelligent IoT product service display and interactive sessions this year. At the same time, corporate business cards, sample materials, etc. for viewers to view also provide digital paperless options, starting with details, implementing digitalization, green, and low carbon.

Commitment implementation Actions help make Chinese society sustainable

At this year's fair, Ingersoll Rand also brought sustainable cultural protection and inheritance projects to share. As a result of the last CIIE, Ingersoll Rand and Yunnan University jointly signed the “Walking with Britain and Love, Building Dreams” project agreement last year, which aims to contribute to the cultural heritage and social development of the Brownian villages in southwest China. In October of this year, the project made phased progress, and the Ingersoll Land-Yunnan University Brownian Cultural Preservation, Inheritance and Research Center was officially completed in Yunnan.

Ingersoll Rand's Asia Pacific leadership and Yunnan University Zhang Lang Brown youth representative

At the Expo site, Qian Hui, vice president of human resources for Asia Pacific at Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technology and Service Group, shared videos shot in Yunnan and details of the project, showing how Ingersoll Rand can help explore and revitalize the cultural heritage of rural China through the “enterprise+university+village” cooperation model on the path of promoting sustainable development.

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