Trending Industry Today: TAL Education Leads Gains In Online Education Stocks

Futu News ·  09/27 23:00

September 27th - The industry of $Online Education(BK2435.US)$ is trending up in regular trading hours with 6 constituents up, 1 constituents down and TAL Education leading Gains.

$TAL Education(TAL.US)$ inches up 9.39% to $8.68 with a turnover of $63.28 million.

$New Oriental(EDU.US)$ up 4.31% to $58.45 with a turnover of $79.34 million.

$Youdao(DAO.US)$ inches up 4.53% to $3.92 with a turnover of $171.23K.

See below for more trending stocks in the industry:



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