港市速睇 | 港股尾盘跌幅扩大,科指跌近2%;汽车股、科网股表现低迷,理想跌约5%,京东跌近3%

A quick look at the Hong Kong market | The decline in Hong Kong stocks increased at the end of the session, with the Codex falling nearly 2%; the performance of auto stocks and science and networking stocks was sluggish, with an ideal decline of about 5%,

Futu News ·  09/26 16:23

Futu News reported on September 26 that the three major Hong Kong stock indices weakened throughout the day. The Hang Seng Index closed down 1.48%, the Codex fell 1.69%, and the National Index fell 1.62%.

By the close, Hong Kong stocks had risen 552, fell 1,314, and closed 1,097.

The specific industry performance is as follows:

On the sector side, most of the Science and Technology Network stocks declined.JD fell nearly 3%, Tencent and Kuaishou fell more than 1%, NetEase, Meituan, and Bilibili fell nearly 1%, Alibaba fell slightly, Meitu rose more than 2%, and Baidu rose nearly 1%.

Auto stocks generally declined,Ideal fell nearly 5%, BYD fell nearly 4%, Xiaopeng fell more than 3%, NIO fell more than 2%, Geely fell nearly 2%, Zero Run fell more than 1%, and the Great Wall fell nearly 1%.

Real estate stocks and property management stocks are collectively weak,China Evergrande fell more than 8%, Sunac China fell nearly 7%, Sunac Services fell nearly 5%, Country Garden fell more than 4%, Longhu Group fell more than 3%, China Resources Land fell nearly 2%, Vanke Enterprise and Sun Hung Kai Properties fell more than 1%, China's overseas development fell nearly 1%, and Country Garden services fell slightly.

Big financial stocks fluctuated and weakened,AIA fell more than 3%, China Life Insurance, China Ping An, and CITIC Construction Investment Securities fell nearly 3%, Prudential fell 2%, and the Agricultural Bank fell nearly 2%.

Telecom stocks continued to decline.China Telecom fell more than 2%, while China Mobile and China Unicom fell nearly 2%.

Sporting goods stocks had the highest decline,Taobo fell more than 6%, Li Ning fell more than 5%, Anta Sports fell more than 4%, and Xtep International fell nearly 3%.

On the other hand, consumer stocks such as semiconductor stocks and restaurants performed poorly throughout the day; with the release of 11 new movies on the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, institutions expected a record box office, and most movie concept stocks bucked the trend; heavy machinery stocks are now generally on the rise.

In terms of individual stocks,$ENN ENERGY(02688.HK)$It has risen by nearly 3%, with a recent cumulative rebound of nearly 20%. Major banks say the buyback plan has boosted confidence.

$UNITED LAB(03933.HK)$With a 5% increase, global sales of GLP peptide drugs are impressive, and related industry chains are expected to benefit.

$ALI PICTURES(01060.HK)$With an increase of nearly 2%, the National Day box office may set a record, and the company's purchase of barley is expected to increase profits.

$BEKE-W(02423.HK)$It fell nearly 9%, Beijing Chainjia's intermediary rate was lowered, and buyers and sellers each bore 1%.

$SUNNY OPTICAL(02382.HK)$The drop of nearly 6% led the Apple concept, and sales of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro both fell short of expectations.

Today's Top 20 Hong Kong Stock Turnovers

Hong Kong Stock Connect Capital

In terms of Hong Kong Stock Connect, Hong Kong Stock Connect (Southbound) today had a net inflow of HK$158 million.

Agency Perspectives

  • UBS: Maintains Bubble Mart's “buy” rating and increases target price from HK$30 to HK$30

UBS released a research report saying that it maintains$POP MART(09992.HK)$The “buy” rating increased its appeal to consumers after the epidemic. Market data showed that the company's popularity among global consumers increased, and the target price increased from HK$27.4 to HK$30.

  • Nomura: Maintaining ZTE's “buy” rating, target price reduced to HK$32.5

Nomura released a research report saying, maintain$ZTE(00763.HK)$In the “buy” rating, the target price was reduced from HK$35 to HK$32.5. The company's results for the second fiscal quarter were affected by sluggish demand from enterprises and government departments and the consumer market. Looking ahead to the third fiscal quarter, the bank believes demand from telecom operators, government and enterprise markets should help it recover from the slump in the second fiscal quarter, and expects revenue to increase 5% year over year.

  • Haitong Securities: Maintains Xiaopeng Motor-W's “superior to market” rating, with a reasonable value of HK$75.94-94.93

Haitong Securities released a research report saying that it maintains$XPENG-W(09868.HK)$“Better than the market” rating. The estimated sales volume for 2023/24/25 will be 13/28/430,000 units, revenue will be 302/649/99 billion yuan, and net profit of -106/-58/2.6 billion yuan. It is also believed that Xiaopeng Motor's intelligent driving technology is at the forefront of domestic car companies and should enjoy higher valuations. The reasonable value range is HK$75.94-94.93.


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