港市速睇 | 恒指重回18000点!科指大涨近4%;科网股全线爆发,阿里巴巴、美团均涨近4%,腾讯涨超3%

Hong Kong Market Quick Watch | Hang Seng Index returns to 18,000 points! The Science and Technology Index surged nearly 4%; Science and Technology Network stocks exploded across the board, Alibaba and Meituan both rose nearly 4%, and Tencent rose more tha

Futu News ·  09/22 16:23

Futu News reported on September 22 that the three major Hong Kong stock indices continued to rise. The Hang Seng Index closed up 2.28%, the Codex rose 3.69%, and the National Index rose 2.68%.

By the close, Hong Kong stocks had risen 1,241, fell 635, and closed 1,086.

The specific industry performance is as follows:

On the sector side, science and technology network stocks have risen like a rainbow.Meitu rose by nearly 8%, NetEase by more than 6%, Kuaishou and Shangtang by more than 5%, Bilibili by nearly 5%, Meituan and Alibaba by nearly 4%, Tencent and Jingdong by more than 3%, and Baidu by nearly 3%.

Auto stocks are growing at the highest rate.Xiaopeng rose more than 5%, Great Wall rose nearly 5%, Ideal rose more than 4%, BYD rose more than 3%, Geely rose nearly 2%, Zero Run rose slightly, and NIO bucked the trend and fell nearly 2%.

Domestic housing stocks and property management stocks joined hands to rise.Sunac Services soared more than 37%, Country Garden Services rose nearly 7%, Sunac China rose more than 4%, China's overseas development rose more than 2%, Vanke Enterprise and Longhu Group rose nearly 2%, and China Resources Land rose more than 1%.

Pharmaceutical stocks have rebounded across the board,Rongchang Biotech rose by more than 5%, Pharma Pharmaceuticals increased by nearly 5%, Pharma Pharmaceuticals increased by nearly 5%, Pharma Kangde, Kangfang Biotech, and Cansino Biotech rose nearly 3%, and Beissen and Kingsri Biotech rose more than 2%.

The tourism stock market has been built well,China China Free has risen more than 4%, Ctrip Group has risen more than 2%, and Tongcheng Travel has risen nearly 2%.

Apple concept stocks have strengthened collectively,Gaowei Electronics rose nearly 9%, while Ruisheng Technology, BYD Electronics, and Sunyu Optical Technology rose more than 2%.

On the other hand, Chinese brokerage stocks have clearly risen; Chinese top stocks have also been helped by a collective rise; previously continuously adjusted AI concept stocks have been active; semiconductor stocks have risen sharply; the US dollar has strengthened its hawkish stance; the US dollar is strong, and most non-ferrous metal stocks such as gold bucked the trend.

In terms of individual stocks,$XPENG-W(09868.HK)$With an increase of more than 5%, the G9 facelift is expected to boost sales volume and gross profit margin, and Goldman Sachs raised its sales forecast.

$KUAISHOU-W(01024.HK)$It rose more than 5%, e-commerce and internal circulation advertising revenue remained strong, and the results were steadily realized over many quarters.

$SENSETIME-W(00020.HK)$It increased by more than 5%, and the scholar Pu language model InternLM-20b was released as an open source.

$SINOPEC CORP(00386.HK)$It has risen nearly 4%, the repurchase of A-shares has officially started, and exports of refined oil products are expected to rise in volume and price.

$SUNAC SERVICES(01516.HK)$It soared by more than 37%, and creditor choices for compulsory convertible bonds and Sunac Services shares both exceeded the upper limit.

$NTES-S(09999.HK)$It rose more than 6%, Q2 net revenue was 24 billion yuan, and the game business grew steadily.

Today's Top 20 Hong Kong Stock Turnovers

Hong Kong Stock Connect Capital

On the Hong Kong Stock Connect side, Hong Kong Stock Connect (Southbound) had a net outflow of HK$4.228 billion today.

Agency Perspectives

  • Jefferies: Giving Kuaishou-W a “buy” rating with a target price of HK$113

Jefferies released a research report saying that$KUAISHOU-W(01024.HK)$“Buy” rating, target price HK$113. The company's management believes that the content ecosystem, product capabilities, and traffic strategy are critical; it is expected that the average daily usage time of users will perform well in the third quarter, and is expected to reach 120 minutes throughout the year. The average number of daily active users is close to 400 million, and future focus will be on user experience and commercialization.

  • J.P. Morgan: Maintains NetEase's “increase in holdings” rating, with a target price of HK$195

J.P. Morgan Chase released a research report saying, maintain$NTES-S(09999.HK)$“Increase in holdings” rating, target price HK$195. The bank said that although the company's stock price has risen 40% since this year, it is expected that it will continue to outperform the market, indicating that it is the first choice for the Chinese game industry.

  • CMB International: Maintains Xinao Energy's “buy” rating, target price of HK$96.7

CMB International released a research report saying, Yes$ENN ENERGY(02688.HK)$The continued improvement in gross margin and the expansion of the all-energy business remained relatively optimistic. Combined with the increase in the instability of industrial gas sales volume, the forecast for industrial and commercial gas sales growth in 2023-25 was lowered to -8.7%/0.3%/3.1% year-on-year. At the same time, retail sales growth expectations for 2024-26 and 2027-32 were also lowered. Overall, the target price was adjusted to HK$96.7 and the “buy” rating was maintained.


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