港市速睇 | 港股全线走弱,科指跌近2%;汽车股、医药股震荡下行,小鹏汽车大跌近7%

A quick look at the Hong Kong market | Hong Kong stocks weakened across the board, with the Coke Index falling nearly 2%; auto stocks and pharmaceutical stocks fluctuated downward, and Xiaopeng Motor plummeted nearly 7%

Futu News ·  09/21 16:23

Futu News reported on September 21 that the three major Hong Kong stock indices fell collectively. The Hang Seng Index closed down 1.29%, the Codex fell 1.85%, and the National Index fell 1.33%.

By the close, Hong Kong stocks had risen 509, fell 1,359, and closed 1,091.

The specific industry performance is as follows:

On the sector side, science network stocks have generally declined.Bilibili fell nearly 3%, Meituan, Kuaishou, Alibaba, and Tencent fell more than 2%, Baidu and NetEase fell nearly 2%, and JD fell more than 1%.

Auto stocks have been sluggish throughout the day.Xiaopeng fell nearly 7%, BYD fell nearly 2%, Zero Run, Geely, and Great Wall fell more than 1%, Ideal fell nearly 1%, and NIO rose more than 1%.

Most real estate stocks and property management stocks declined.Country Garden services fell more than 3%, Sunac China fell nearly 3%, Longhu Group fell more than 2%, Ocean Group fell nearly 2%, China Resources Land fell more than 1%, Sun Hung Kai Properties fell 1%, Vanke Enterprises and China's overseas development fell nearly 1%, and China Evergrande bucked the trend by 10%.

Big financial stocks are weakening,China's Taiping and Prudential fell by more than 2%, China's Taibao, China Ping An, AIA, and CMB fell nearly 2%, and ICBC, China Galaxy, and Haitong Securities fell by more than 1%.

Pharmaceutical stocks had the highest decline,Giants Biotech fell more than 8%, BeiGene fell more than 7%, Cansino Biotech fell nearly 4%, and Kingsree Biotech, Zaiding Pharmaceutical, Pharma Pharmaceuticals, Pharma Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, and Tiger Pharmaceuticals fell nearly 3%.

Telecom stock gains narrowed in the afternoon.China Mobile and China Telecom rose nearly 1%, while China Unicom declined slightly.

On the other hand, most of the top stocks in the Chinese market performed poorly; consumer stocks such as beer stocks, gambling stocks, and sporting goods stocks also performed poorly throughout the day; transportation stocks were relatively strong until the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day; and some heavy machinery stocks strengthened.

In terms of individual stocks,$CTG DUTY-FREE(01880.HK)$It fell by more than 4%, and the agency said it is still necessary to track the pace of consumption power recovery in the short term.

$CHINA OILFIELD(02883.HK)$It fell more than 4%. Crude oil futures fell for two consecutive days. Goldman Sachs said that most of the increase in oil prices had passed.

$XPENG-W(09868.HK)$It fell close to 7%, and the price of the new G9 was drastically reduced. The market is worried that its gross margin will be dragged down.

$SUNNY OPTICAL(02382.HK)$It fell by more than 3%, and the agency expects iPhone 15 sales to drop by about 22% compared to the previous generation.

$ZHAOJIN MINING(01818.HK)$It fell close to 4%, and the Fed is expected to raise interest rates again before the end of the year.

Today's Top 20 Hong Kong Stock Turnovers

Hong Kong Stock Connect Capital

In terms of Hong Kong Stock Connect, Hong Kong Stock Connect (Southbound) today had a net inflow of HK$3,244 million.

Agency Perspectives

  • Dongwu Securities: Since the “double reduction”, education and training institutions have actively transformed, focusing on investment opportunities in the education and training industry under low expectations

Dongwu Securities released a research report saying that since both were reduced, subject training institutions at the compulsory education stage have been greatly impacted. Industry companies are actively seeking business transformation. The direction of transformation includes non-subject quality training, learning hardware services, study abroad services, adult vocational training, live e-commerce, etc. After 2 years of business adjustments, the bank saw that leading companies in the industry already had a relatively clear future business development direction. It also reflects that the bottom has passed. The inflection point has dropped to the bottom. It is recommended to pay attention to it.$NEW ORIENTAL-S(09901.HK)$,$TAL Education(TAL.US)$etc.

  • Omo: Grants Xinao Energy's “ownership” rating, target price is HK$112

Motorcycle released a research report saying,$ENN ENERGY(02688.HK)$“Hold” rating, target price HK$112. The company announced a share repurchase plan, and the trustee will use up to $100 million to purchase shares as part of the employee stock reward program.

  • Goldman Sachs: Reiterates Xiaopeng Motor-W's “buy” rating and raises target price to HK$80

Goldman Sachs released a research report saying that based on discounted cash flow (DCF), it will$XPENG-W(09868.HK)$The target price was raised 8% to HK$80 (previously HK$74), and the “buy” rating was reaffirmed. In addition, the Group's sales forecast for 2023 was raised from 143,000 units to 156,000 units, so the revenue forecast for 2023-2025 increased by 6% to 10%.


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