港股午评 | 三大指数震荡下行,科指跌近2%;科网股、汽车股表现低迷,快手跌超4%,蔚来大跌近13%

Hong Kong Stock Afternoon Review | The three major indices fluctuated and declined, with the Codex falling nearly 2%; the performance of Science and Internet stocks and Auto Stocks was sluggish, Kuaishou fell more than 4%, and NIO plummeted nearly 13%

Futu News ·  09/20 12:11

Futu News reported on September 20 that the three major Hong Kong stock indices collectively weakened. The Hang Seng Index fell 0.75%, the Codex fell 1.88%, and the National Index fell 0.87%.

By the midday close, Hong Kong stocks had risen 448, fell 1,147, and closed 1,364.

In terms of the sector, Science Network shares generally declined.Kuaishou fell more than 4%, NetEase fell 3%, Baidu and Meituan fell more than 2%, Bilibili fell nearly 2%, Tencent fell more than 1%, JD fell nearly 1%, and Alibaba fell slightly.

Auto stocks fluctuated and declined.NIO fell nearly 13%, Xiaopeng fell more than 5%, Great Wall and Zero Run fell nearly 2%, Geely fell more than 1%, BYD fell nearly 1%, and ideally rose more than 1%.

The trends of real estate stocks and property management stocks are divided.Ocean Group rose nearly 2%, China Resources Land and China's overseas development rose slightly, Country Garden and Vanke companies closed down, China Evergrande fell more than 7%, Country Garden services fell nearly 3%, Longhu Group and Sunac China fell nearly 2%, and Sun Hung Kai Properties fell nearly 1%.

Biotech concept stocks had the highest decline,BeiGene and Rongchang Biotech fell nearly 5%, Pharmaceutical Biotech and Kangfang Biotech fell nearly 4%, Kingsley Biotech fell nearly 3%, Tiger Pharmaceutical and Cansino Biotech fell more than 2%, and Zaiding Pharmaceutical fell nearly 2%.

The strengthening of oil stocks,CNPC rose more than 1%, CNOOC rose nearly 1%, and Sinopec fell slightly.

On the other hand, the agency expects iPhone 15 sales to fall short of the previous generation, and Apple concept stocks have plummeted; the performance of restaurant stocks is sluggish.$JIUMAOJIU(09922.HK)$Prices fell by more than 5% and were then reduced; mobile game stocks, semiconductor stocks, power stocks, etc. fell one after another; some gas stocks were active; most movie concept stocks strengthened, and they announced the purchase of barley.$ALI PICTURES(01060.HK)$It bucked the trend and rose nearly 4%.

In terms of individual stocks,$XPENG-W(09868.HK)$The price of the new G9 fell by more than 5%, and the sales price of the new G9 dropped by nearly 50,000 yuan. Institutions expect their Q3 gross margin to continue to be under pressure.

$NIO-SW(09866.HK)$With a sharp drop of nearly 13%, the company plans to issue $1 billion convertible senior bonds.

$SUNNY OPTICAL(02382.HK)$The drop of more than 7% led the decline in the mobile phone industry chain. Agencies expect iPhone 15 sales to fall short of the previous generation.

$EAST BUY(01797.HK)$It fell by more than 5%. Recently, controversy has arisen due to the anchor's inappropriate remarks. The agency says its revenue for the second half of the year is under pressure.

$ALLI INTL ED LE(01563.HK)$It fell nearly 8%, and the agreement to place 109 million new shares has been terminated.

$ENN ENERGY(02688.HK)$It has increased by more than 3%, and it is planned to use no more than 100 million US dollars to purchase shares for the share reward program.

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