港股午评 | 三大指数涨跌不一,科指跌0.53%;地产股涨跌互现,远洋集团涨超7%;煤炭股强势拉升,兖矿能源涨近4%

Hong Kong Stock Afternoon Review | The three major indices had mixed ups and downs, with the Codex falling 0.53%; real estate stocks had mixed ups and downs, with Ocean Group rising more than 7%; coal stocks rose strongly, and Yankuang Energy rose nearly

Futu News ·  09/19 12:14

Futu News reported on September 19 that the three major Hong Kong stock indices showed a V-shaped trend. The Hang Seng Index rose 0.02%, the Codex fell 0.53%, and the National Index rose 0.02%.

By the midday close, Hong Kong stocks had risen 684, fell 944, and closed 1,331.

On the sector side, most of the Science and Technology Network stocks declined.JD fell more than 2%, Meituan fell nearly 2%, Baidu fell more than 1%, Kuaishou fell nearly 1%, Tencent fell slightly, NetEase and Bilibili rose nearly 1%, and Alibaba rose slightly.

Auto stocks generally declined,NIO and Zero Run fell nearly 4%, Ideal fell more than 2%, Great Wall fell nearly 2%, BYD and Geely fell nearly 1%, and Xiaopeng rose slightly.

Real estate stocks and property management stocks had mixed ups and downs.Ocean Group rose more than 7%, Sunac China rose nearly 5%, Sun Hung Kai Properties rose more than 1%, China's overseas development rose slightly, Country Garden closed, China Evergrande fell more than 3%, Country Garden services fell more than 2%, and Longhu Group fell more than 1%.

Coal stocks rallied strongly,Yankuang Energy rose nearly 4%, Yankai Australia rose more than 3%, and China Shenhua rose nearly 3%.

Most semiconductor stocks have rebounded.SMIC rose nearly 2%, Huahong Semiconductor rose nearly 1%, and Shanghai Fudan fell more than 1%.

Travel stocks have generally pulled back.China has declined by nearly 2%, Tongcheng Travel has fallen by more than 1%, and Ctrip Group has declined slightly.

Other aspects, supply and demand in the industry are tightening, gas stocks are showing active performance, leading$ENN ENERGY(02688.HK)$It rose more than 5%; gold stocks that temporarily pulled back yesterday continued to be strong; most of the building materials and cement stocks and shipping stocks rose; restaurant stocks fell significantly, with weighted stocks$HAIDILAO(06862.HK)$It fell close to 3%; Tesla concept stocks were generally underperforming.

In terms of individual stocks,$SMIC(00981.HK)$With a rise of nearly 2%, the semiconductor cycle has bottomed out and rebounded.

$SINO-OCEAN GP(03377.HK)$It rose more than 7%, and the company initiated an overseas debt restructuring of 3.9 billion US dollars.

$YANKUANG ENERGY(01171.HK)$There was an increase of nearly 4%, and the bottom of performance was basically determined, and high dividends increased the sector's appeal.

$ALLI INTL ED LE(01563.HK)$It surged more than 27%, and the agreement to place 109 million new shares has been terminated.

$SUNAC(01918.HK)$Up nearly 5%, the offshore debt restructuring plan received the required majority of plan creditors approval.

$UNITED LAB(03933.HK)$It fell more than 11%, and the controlling shareholder Heren plans to place up to 64 million shares.

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