港股午评 | 港股小幅走低,恒指微跌0.22%;地产股普遍回调,融创中国跌超9%;黄金股活跃,招金矿业涨近4%

Hong Kong Stock Afternoon Review | Hong Kong stocks declined slightly, with the Hang Seng Index falling slightly by 0.22%; real estate stocks generally pulled back, with Sunac China falling more than 9%; gold stocks were active, and the Zhaojin mining ind

Futu News ·  09/14 12:12

Futu News reported on September 14 that Hong Kong stocks declined slightly.$Hang Seng Index(800000.HK)$Decreased by 0.22%,$Hang Seng TECH Index(800700.HK)$Up 0.01%,$Hang Seng China Enterprises Index(800100.HK)$Down 0.02%.

By the midday close, Hong Kong stocks had risen 652, fell 959, and closed 1,350.

On the sector side, the Science and Technology Network stock declined slightly.$BILIBILI-W(09626.HK)$,$MEITUAN-W(03690.HK)$,$BIDU-SW(09888.HK)$It fell nearly 1%,$NTES-S(09999.HK)$,$BABA-SW(09988.HK)$,$JD-SW(09618.HK)$,$TENCENT(00700.HK)$Slight drop,$KUAISHOU-W(01024.HK)$A slight increase.

Most auto stocks have declined.$NIO-SW(09866.HK)$It fell more than 2%,$LEAPMOTOR(09863.HK)$,$BYD COMPANY(01211.HK)$,$GWMOTOR(02333.HK)$It fell more than 1%,$XPENG-W(09868.HK)$,$GEELY AUTO(00175.HK)$It fell nearly 1%,$LI AUTO-W(02015.HK)$An increase of over 1%.

Real estate stocks and property management stocks have generally pulled back.$SUNAC(01918.HK)$It fell more than 9%,$EVERGRANDE(03333.HK)$It fell close to 9%,$CG SERVICES(06098.HK)$Decreased by more than 6%,$COUNTRY GARDEN(02007.HK)$It fell nearly 5%,$POWERLONG(01238.HK)$It fell more than 3%,$SHK PPT(00016.HK)$It fell more than 1%.

Telecom stocks have been built well,$CHINA TELECOM(00728.HK)$An increase of more than 3%,$CHINA UNICOM(00762.HK)$An increase of more than 2%,$CHINA MOBILE(00941.HK)$A slight increase.

Coal stocks are showing active performance,$YANCOAL AUS(03668.HK)$,$YANKUANG ENERGY(01171.HK)$An increase of nearly 3%,$CHINA SHENHUA(01088.HK)$An increase of nearly 2%.

Gold stocks strengthened,$ZHAOJIN MINING(01818.HK)$An increase of nearly 4%,$SD GOLD(01787.HK)$An increase of more than 3%,$ZIJIN MINING(02899.HK)$An increase of nearly 2%.

Other than that, heavy machinery stocks, gambling stocks, and semiconductor stocks fell one after another; power stocks and petroleum stocks performed actively.

In terms of individual stocks,$LI NING(02331.HK)$The drop of more than 4% hit a three-year low. The market is worried about discount levels and inventory pressure, and it will take time for sentiment to improve.

$EAST BUY(01797.HK)$With an increase of nearly 4%, the GMV for live e-commerce surpassed 10 billion dollars in FY23, and the Taobao platform is expected to open up an incremental market.

$XIAOMI-W(01810.HK)$It rose nearly 3%, and a global patent cross-license was reached with Huawei.

$ZHAOJIN MINING(01818.HK)$Gold stocks rose by nearly 4%, and domestic gold prices rose above 600 yuan, which is expected to drive the performance of gold stocks to improve.

$ALLI INTL ED LE(01563.HK)$It surged more than 38%. The company said that the search and investigation had no significant adverse impact on the Group, and was included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect since September 5.

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