Soaring semiconductor companies are being watched by bears!

Futu News ·  06/05 20:51

Since this year, with the “roar” of the artificial intelligence boom, the semiconductor industry has shown a boom, and the stock market has performed brilliantly.

However, this did not stop semiconductor bears from attacking. According to S3 Partners data, Nvidia became the number one shorting target, with unclosed short positions of 12.3 billion US dollars, about 2.5 times that of Broadcom in second place.

AdvisorShares Ranger Equity Bear ETF co-manager Brad Lamensdorf said,It's dangerous to go short when the trend is still in its infancybecause the market often overestimates the prospects of these companies until their technology is implemented and starts falling short of expectations. In its opinion,

As the tide recedes, there will be good shorting targets. These are low-quality companies that have no ability to make a profit, just like a group of companies that “swam naked” 20 years ago when the dot-com bubble burst. However, it would be futile to try to go short now.


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