ASM Breaks Ground on New State-of-the-art Innovation and Manufacturing Center in Hwaseong, Korea

ASM Breaks Ground on New State-of-the-art Innovation and Manufacturing Center in Hwaseong, Korea

ASM 在韩国华城破土动工建设新的最先进的创新和制造中心
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Almere, the Netherlands – Seoul, South Korea


May 23, 2023


ASM International N.V. (Euronext Amsterdam: ASM) will take its symbolic first step in bringing its US$100 million multi-year investment in Hwaseong (Dongtan), South Korea, to fruition, with the groundbreaking ceremony tomorrow on its expanded innovation and manufacturing center. The development follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between ASM and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea ('MOTIE') earlier this year, around ASM's intention to carry out this investment by 2025.

ASM International N.V.(阿姆斯特丹泛欧交易所:ASM)将迈出象征性的第一步,实现其在韩国华城(东滩)的1亿美元多年期投资,明天将在其扩建的创新和制造中心举行奠基仪式。该事态发展是在ASM与大韩民国贸易、工业和能源部(“MOTIE”)于今年早些时候签署谅解备忘录之后发生的,该备忘录围绕ASM打算在2025年之前进行这项投资

The groundbreaking ceremony marks a strategic expansion for ASM and an important step in meeting the foreseen growing demand for semiconductors for the years to come. The investment will boost ASM's research and product-development infrastructure, as well as adding more manufacturing capacity.


With the investment, ASM is also committed to creating new job opportunities, especially in engineering, R&D and manufacturing that will contribute to training and workforce development in Korea.


The milestone groundbreaking event will be attended by ASM's CEO, Benjamin Loh and Pauline Van der Meer Mohr, Chair of the Supervisory Board. Guests include political dignitaries such as Kim Dong-Yeon, Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Wan Ki Kim, Deputy Minister for Trade & Investment, Jeong Myeong-Guen, Mayor of Hwaesong city, and Joanne Doornewaard, Ambassador of the Netherlands, alongside customers and business partners, and other ASM colleagues.

ASM首席执行官Benjamin Loh和监事会主席Pauline Van der Meer Mohr将出席这一具有里程碑意义的开创性活动。嘉宾包括政治要人,例如京畿道省长金东妍、贸易与投资部副部长金万基、华城市长郑明根和荷兰大使乔安妮·多尔内瓦德,以及客户和商业伙伴以及其他ASM同事。

Speaking ahead of the launch event, Benjamin Loh said this commitment to Hwaseong's expansion was a bold step forward in ASM's growth journey. "We couldn't be happier that it's taking place in Korea. Ever since we began our operations here back in 1989, we have been impressed by the potential, drive, and dedication of the Korean people. Right from the start, we sensed ASM would be able to do great things here."

Benjamin Loh在发布会前发表讲话时说,对华城扩张的承诺是ASM增长之旅向前迈出的大胆一步。“这件事发生在韩国,我们再高兴不过了。自1989年我们在这里开始运营以来,韩国人民的潜力、动力和奉献精神给我们留下了深刻的印象。从一开始,我们就感觉到 ASM 将能够在这里做得很好。”

Loh added that the investment in Hwaseong is about so much more than just expanding space. "It confirms our commitment to Korea, as well as our ambition to continue growing our business here. Going forward, we aim to enable the continued development of advanced technologies, which will also increase Korea's ability to facilitate domestic world-class semiconductor innovation."


Hwaseong has been instrumental in ASM's growth, with the facility delivering advanced R&D and technology for Korean and global customers. Korea is also the global center for ASM's PEALD business. Technologies developed by ASM's local R&D team have been at the heart of breakthrough innovations in the semiconductor industry, such as the ALD quad chamber module (QCM) architecture, the TENZA ALD for ultra-high aspect ratio (>100:1) gap-fill, and high-quality PEALD silicon and metal oxides and nitrides for spacers, liners, and other patterning applications.

Hwaseong在ASM的增长中发挥了重要作用,该设施为韩国和全球客户提供先进的研发和技术。韩国也是ASM的PEALD业务的全球中心。ASM 本地研发团队开发的技术一直是半导体行业突破性创新的核心,例如 ALD 四腔模块 (QCM) 架构、用于超高纵横比 (> 100:1) 间隙填充的 TENZA ALD,以及用于间隔、衬板和其他图案化应用的高质量 PEALD 硅和金属氧化物和氮化物。

ASM currently has more than 450 people working at its Hwaseong facility, and the number is expected to rise as the facility expands. The current building measures just over 20,000 m2, and the new extension will add another 31,000 m2, spread across eight floors. The expansion will more than double the Hwaseong facility's R&D area while manufacturing area will almost triple.


YK Kim, Chairman of ASM Korea, said the expansion of ASM's Hwaseong facility will create more space for the company's fast-growing number of employees in Korea and reflects the country's increasing importance to help the company meet growing global customer demand for advanced semiconductors in the years to come.

ASM Korea董事长YK Kim表示,ASM华城工厂的扩建将为该公司在韩国快速增长的员工人数创造更多空间,也反映出该国在帮助公司满足未来几年全球客户对先进半导体不断增长的需求方面越来越重要。

"It's an investment in people and in the semiconductor ecosystem in Korea. We wish to cooperate closely with the Korean government, customers, and suppliers to foster and accelerate Korea's semiconductor industry growth," Kim said. He expressed his gratitude for support shown to ASM by the government and industry partners in Korea, saying it has been "invaluable in bringing us to this moment".

“这是对韩国人和半导体生态系统的投资。我们希望与韩国政府、客户和供应商密切合作,促进和加速韩国半导体行业的增长,” 金说。他对韩国政府和行业合作伙伴对ASM的支持表示感谢,称这是 “使我们走向这一刻的无价之宝”。

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ASM International N.V. 总部位于荷兰阿尔梅勒,其子公司设计和制造用于晶圆加工的半导体器件的设备和工艺解决方案,并在美国、欧洲和亚洲设有工厂。ASM International的普通股在阿姆斯特丹泛欧证券交易所交易(代码:ASM)。欲了解更多信息,请访问 ASM 的网站 。

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