美股异动丨微博盘前涨3.6% H股收涨6% 大摩料公司今年收入增10%

Changes in US stocks 丨 Weibo rose 3.6% before the market, H shares closed up 6%, Big Mo's revenue increased 10% this year

Gelonghui Finance ·  03/21 16:26
Gelonghui, March 21, 丨 Hong Kong Weibo rose 6% today, driving Weibo (WB.US) up 3.57% before the market to 17.13 US dollars. Guoxin Securities pointed out that the company benefited from an overall consumption recovery in 2023. As a content platform, Weibo is unique in terms of hot spots and social networks, thereby forming marketing advantages based on hot topics, etc. Daimoze expects the company's revenue in RMB to grow 10% in 23 years.

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