Changchun Hi-Tech (000661.SZ): Focusing on the core biomedical business sector, plans to transfer 100% of Gaoxin Real Estate's shares to the controlling shareholder

Gelonghui Finance ·  03/20 20:14

Gelonghui March 20 丨Changchun Hi-Tech (000661.SZ) announced that according to the company's future development strategy, in order to focus on the biomedical core business segment, optimize the industrial layout and resource allocation, highlight the core advantages of the main business, improve the balance and liability structure, and raise the company's cash flow level, the company plans to transfer 100% of its shares in Changchun Hi-Tech Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (“Gaoxin Real Estate”) to Chaoda Group, the controlling shareholder of the company.

The company held the 22nd meeting of the 10th board of directors on March 20, 2023 to deliberate and pass the “Proposal on Signing a Framework Agreement on Equity Transfer and Related Transactions”. On the same day, the company, Chaoda Group and Hi-Tech Real Estate signed a “Framework Agreement on Equity Transfer”.

Chaoda Group plans to complete the acquisition of 100% of Gaoxin Real Estate's shares through an agreed transfer. The consideration for this transaction will be raised by Chaoda Group in the form of issuing exchangeable corporate bonds, and plans to issue related bonds are being planned. According to preliminary estimates, according to the “Administrative Measures on Major Asset Restructurings of Listed Companies” and other relevant regulations, this transaction did not constitute a major asset restructuring. According to the “Shenzhen Stock Exchange Stock Listing Rules” and “Self-Regulatory Supervision Guidelines for Listed Companies No. 7 - Trading and Related Transactions”, this transaction constitutes a related transaction.

According to the announcement, based on the development and operation of characteristic real estate, Gaoxin Real Estate has successively developed projects such as Gaoxin Yizhong Famous City, Gaoxin Heyuan, Gaoxin Huiyuan, Gaoxin Junyuan, Gaoxin Hairong Plaza, and Gaoxin Rongyuan. As of June 30, 2022, Gaoxin Real Estate's total unaudited assets were 6.564 billion yuan and net assets were 1,632 billion yuan.

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